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Council candidate Martinez-Brooks amends ethics report to correct error – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-02-23 18:56:33 –

Oklahoma City — Supporters of District 3 candidate Jessica Martinez Brooks helped discover an error in her latest pre-primary campaign record submitted earlier this month.

On Tuesday, Martinez-Brooks told Free Press that her supporters had contacted the Great Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce on Monday. Free Election Funding Articles.. Reported the Election Funds Report for Districts 1 and 3 for the seats of the Oklahoma City City Council.

They wanted to know why the Chamber of Commerce PAC did not endorse the candidate for District 3. As a result, a missing contribution was discovered in the ethics report.

In fact, Chamber PAC has donated the same amount of $ 3,000 to both Young and Martinez-Brooks.

“Others were calling Drew [Dugan, with the Chamber] “Hey, why don’t you support Jessica?” She said. “He’s, well, like we did.”

“As soon as I read your article and saw the ethics report, I wondered what had happened,” Martinez-Brooks called Free Press. “So we started some digging.”

She contacted Dugan and notified the Chamber of Commerce about the error. It’s unclear how the contribution wasn’t reported, but the candidate states that it could be due to a clerical error or a computer malfunction.

Fixed report

The revised pre-primary donation report reveals that Martinez Brooks received an additional $ 3,600 from the three individuals and the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce on January 20.

Tuesday’s report Latest Campaign Finance Report Submitted earlier this month, it includes the cash raised and costs up to January 25th.

The amendments to the report (embedded below) show an additional personal donation totaling $ 600 from three prominent local metro bankers. The Greater OKC Chamber has donated the remaining $ 3,000 to support Martinez-Brooks. This is the same amount donated to the opponent Young.

The revised report shows that Martinez Brooks is now leading the Chamber of Commerce’s support over Young, with support from both the Greater OKC Chamber of Commerce and the South OKC Chamber of Commerce. I will.

Candidates for the 1st and 3rd district final votes will submit a final contribution report prior to the general election on April 6.

The final date of registration for voting in the next election is March 12, and the deadline for absentee voting is March 30, 5 pm.


Council candidate Martinez-Brooks amends ethics report to correct error Source link Council candidate Martinez-Brooks amends ethics report to correct error

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