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Bakersfield, California 2021-09-15 21:45:00 –

As part of an economic development strategy approved by the Bakersfield City Council’s 4-0 vote, Wednesday unveiled a series of initiatives that could boost regional economic growth.

Rogerdale, an external consultant hired to build the city’s strategy, prioritizes the city’s expectations of Bakersfield Technology Park and others to be developed under a joint venture between California State University, Bakersfield and the private sector. I clarified the matter.

Another “Game Changer” initiative announced by Dale on Wednesday includes a “Bioeconomy” initiative that can drive the growth of valuable non-food products in local agriculture, and “Smart Mobility” focused on electric vehicles and robotics. Included a program, and a project to divert a portion of an underutilized local shopping center

The project is among the more than 100 action items approved on Wednesday, near the economic cooperation of B3K prosperity that the city has been working on since early 2020, with Kern County officials, state representatives, and a wide range of local coalitions. Approved as part of a matching new strategic plan. Business and community leader.

Paul Sardanha, director of economic and community development for the city, said taking steps to realize each of the game changers was a priority for his department this year. But on a larger scale, he plans to better monitor regional economic trends, assess the growth and growth potential of companies, and follow up or otherwise guide new and emerging businesses. I outlined it.

The game changer’s priorities were notable even for its versatility and novelty, in that not all are cited as part of the city’s contributing B3K initiative.

Tech Park was described as a place to help attract entrepreneurs to a central physical location by leveraging local academic research.

A brief overview of Dale’s bioeconomic project suggests that it can supply local renewable fuel development and potentially other marketable products, representing the diversification of local agriculture.

Bakersfield’s sister city program also mentioned potential opportunities. Dale said, for example, the city’s relationship with South Korea could not only lead to new investments, but also to expand import and export activities.

He also has a downtown action plan on his list, which Dale said could trigger investments and upgrades in the region, which could improve key urban assets.

He said smart mobility initiatives are not necessarily limited to electric vehicles, but could extend to robotics. Such a focus could help the city’s existing logistics and product distribution industries.

Regarding the “Reinventing the Wheel” demonstration project, he struggles to keep occupancy high Older, larger shopping centers shrink retail footprint as a way to make room for other uses He said he might benefit from doing it. He did not cite any particular alternative use that could be possible.

At low-attendance meetings, no one in the general public asked for comment, and discussions on economic strategy were predominantly with three councilors (Ken Weir, Bruce Freeman, and Chris Parrier) who were absent from the vote. It focused on how to ensure that the city’s efforts were made. Do not exclude minorities and other people who may be marginalized.

André Gonzales, a second ward council member, said unfortunate residents needed to create an opportunity to “climb the economic ladder in a real and concrete way,” and Mayor Christian Craig said local higher education institutions. He answered that he is working on the issue of labor development. ..

District 1 Congressman Eric Arias added that it is important to “prepare the workforce and meet them where they are” in the areas of language, childcare, workplace skills and educational gaps. rice field.

Nick Ortiz, president and CEO of the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce, noted at that time that B3K is working to close the inclusion gap, including providing direct support to local Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs. ..

4th ward council member Bob Smith said the economic strategy was inspiring, but also said it was a significant amount of work going forward.

“I think Bakersfield is positioned for many reasons to see future growth,” he said. But if the city wants to realize that potential, “we need to take the right steps to get there,” he added.

Council gets peek at ‘game-changer’ projects in Bakersfield’s new economic strategy | News Source link Council gets peek at ‘game-changer’ projects in Bakersfield’s new economic strategy | News

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