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Bakersfield, California 2022-05-17 22:21:00 –

Signs paying homage to Bakersfield’s history of country music could welcome visitors to the city by the end of the summer if the city council approves a plan currently being undertaken by city officials.

Bakersfield City staff show Buck Owens’ patented red, white, and blue striped guitars and oversized representations of some musical symbols to the driver looking north on Highway 99 to Bakersfield. We are working on the possibility of hanging on the elevated King Avenue.

Bakersfield City Council member Chris Parlier, who represents District 7 including Southern Bakersfield, is said to have begun the idea of ​​a sign that serves as a homage to the region’s famous musical heritage.

He said he was inspired to see various artworks while driving Lake Elsinore and Temecula on his way to San Diego. He sought “a little fun” for Bakersfield by acknowledging history. The design of the instrument also nods to the city’s slogan, “The Sound of Something Better.”

“The interchange is actually the gateway from Southern California to Bakersfield,” Parlier said.

According to city officials familiar with the plan, the land around the bridge will also get upgrades such as drought-resistant plants and decorative hardscapes in the proposal.

The plan, which is still finalized, has not yet been dated to be submitted to the council.

Gregg Strakaluse, director of public works at Bakersfield, said the total cost of the project is estimated at around $ 1 million. If the city council approves the construction bid, the California Department of Transportation also needs to approve the plan, he added.

“It’s a much higher level of aesthetic quality and is perfect for places and tens of thousands of people traveling along the (highway) 99 highway system,” Strakaluse said of the proposal.

Comments from CalTrans were not immediately available.

The legendary Buck Owens of country music, often played on elevated guitars, was essential to the creation of Bakersfield Sound, a musical movement comparable to country music from Nashville.

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Councilman discusses idea for musical ‘gateway’ to Bakersfield | News Source link Councilman discusses idea for musical ‘gateway’ to Bakersfield | News

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