“Countdown bin Laden”: Obama’s 9.11 Pursuit of Mastermind

NS 2011 military attack on Osama bin Laden compound in Abbottabad, PakistanIt was so successful that you can forget how difficult the US Navy’s seal mission was actually.

“The SEAL team that entered this didn’t expect them to get it back,” said CBS News correspondent John Dickerson.

“That was a surprise to me,” said Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. “One of the CIA’s top operatives, looking back at the drone’s view at CIA headquarters Langley, was completely expecting to see the compound explode like Jerry Bruckheimer’s action movie.

Shields didn’t know if bin Laden was there, and (if he was) he would be ringed by tripwires, bodyguards, and perhaps Pakistani troops.

“actually, [Rob] O’Neill called his particular Seal team a “martyr brigade.” Because he thought like this. Bin Laden wants justice, but there is no way to go home. ”

Navy Seal O’Neill, who allegedly killed bin Laden, is just one of the characters in Wallace’s new book. “Countdown bin Laden” (Published by Simon & Schuster, a division of ViacomCBS), it traces 247 days to its fateful moment.

Simon & Schuster

“The president has decided on an assault that endangers the lives of dozens of seals, which threatens relations with a very important ally, Pakistan,” Wallace said. “It’s not a coincidence. I’m probably betting on the president. “

“Where do you put this in the history of the tough presidential election,” Dickerson asked.

“This is at the top in terms of process, professionalism, care and meticulous attention,” Wallace replied.

Wallace’s explanation is not limited to night-vision goggles and stair shootouts. It also follows the painstaking puzzle work done in lonely cubicles and windowless conference rooms.

“Old line,’If you do your best, you’ll be lucky’? They worked just as hard. There’s nothing more they can do here to give them a chance to succeed,” Wallace said.

That wasn’t the only thing that was happening at the time, Wallace said.

Four days before the attack, President Obama had to prove that he was born in the United States.

“I’m talking to the masses with the majority of Americans. We don’t have time for this kind of stupidity,” the president said. “There is more to do”

Chris Wallace, author of “Countdown bin Laden”.

CBS News

“It applies to all presidents. You can’t decide which issues to deal with or what to do today. I know, some you can decide, but some just enter. It just comes. “

The clock was ticking. The longer they worked to be convinced that the CIA had found bin Laden, the more likely they were to surprise him and lost the best chance in nine years.

Dickerson asked, “Are you aware of the disconnect between what we see and what’s really happening behind the scenes?”

“Of course,” Wallace replied. “That is, no one had a clue. On the eve of the attack, Obama was attending a dinner at the White House Correspondents’ Association. He took off after Donald Trump as Trump spread the theory of birth. And he made a decision by Trump on “Celebrity Apprentice”:

Obama: “But Trump realized that the real problem was the lack of leadership, so he didn’t blame Lil Jon or Meatloaf in the end. He fired Gary Busey. . These are a kind of decision. It will keep me up late. “

“He’s been 24 hours since the president’s biggest decision,” Wallace said. “And perhaps it will secure or eliminate his chances of reelection.”

It was the president’s biggest decision, but it was a typical presidential decision. The choice was that the chances of success were far less than 50%, and even the best result was that Americans would almost certainly die.

“I came to Obama’s completely different perspective through writing this book,” Wallace said. “Many people thought he was a candidate for hope, change and peace, a pigeon? Yes, but they didn’t realize how harsh Obama was.”

As Wallace recalled, Admiral William McRaven, the head of the US Special Operations Command, was also surprised. What was important and what wasn’t, and he knew his strengths and limitations. He knew what he didn’t know, so he didn’t intend to guess or pretend to be it. I am a general rather than a general.‘”

Dickerson asked, “Given that, what do you think when the leader says,’Well, I trust my internal organs’?”

“I think they’re stupid,” Wallace replied.

“Do you think anyone thinks” I couldn’t meet this kind of challenge “that Mr. Obama faced or that the president faced? thing? “

“Yes,” he replied.

As the moderator of the presidential election debate, Wallace has thought a lot about what it takes to be president. Like bin Laden, leaving Afghanistan and confronting North Korea, and all this, will be a crisis, a completely unexpected crisis. Do you reach the right conclusions about all the incoming information, all the pressures, all the risks, all the possibilities? After all, it’s a kind of guess, and I don’t know until they’re there. But it’s a convenient way to see potential presidents. “


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“Countdown bin Laden”: Obama’s 9.11 Pursuit of Mastermind

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