Countries are preparing for the effects of more contagious viral variants.

Many countries expect the impact of B.1.1.7 to be still ahead.

This could be disturbing in the United States, which has long had the world’s largest coronavirus outbreak and is in the midst of a post-holiday surge. On Friday, federal health experts warned in disastrous terms that B.1.1.7 was most likely to be the main source of infection in the country by March.

So far, nearly 20 European countries have discovered B.1.1.7. In Denmark on Saturday, officials said more than 250 cases were detected in samples taken after November. The State Health Minister predicted that the variants would prevail by mid-February. The country’s coronavirus monitor also reported identifying cases of variants found in South Africa, Reuters reported.

Many European countries are doubling their mitigation efforts. A 6 pm curfew came into effect on Saturday in France, and authorities warned that strict blockades could be imposed again. Scotland has already tightened strict restrictions, including banning drunk outdoors and banning customers from stepping into the facility to buy takeaway food and coffee. The UK and Germany have closed their schools.

In stark contrast, Spanish officials refused to impose a new national blockade, arguing that the recent findings of dozens of cases of this variant were not due to a record surge in infection. did.

On Saturday, the United Kingdom reported eight cases of one of the variants found in Brazil hours after British authorities imposed a travel ban from Latin American countries and Portugal. It is linked to Brazil by its colonial history and current travel and trade relationships. Italy has also suspended flights from Brazil, and its health minister, Roberto Speranza, announced on Facebook.

Leading epidemiologists said the second variant found in Brazil is likely to already exist in the United Kingdom.

“We are one of the most connected countries in the world, so it would be unusual if we hadn’t imported some cases into the UK,” said a group of scientists advising the government on a pandemic. Professor John Edmonds, a member of the group, talked about the second variant found in the city of Manaus, Brazil.

Countries are preparing for the effects of more contagious viral variants.

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