Countries meet separately with the United States and Iran to discuss nuclear agreements

Video Source: YouTube, Reuters

Francois Murphy, John Irish, Arshad Mohammed

Vienna (Reuters)-Power diplomats met separately with Iran and the United States on Wednesday to discuss how to return both to the 2015 nuclear deal that Washington abandoned three years ago.

Neither the United States nor Iran are expecting a rapid breakthrough in the talks that began in Vienna on Tuesday, and Tehran has so far refused face-to-face talks, with Europe and other diplomats acting as intermediaries.

Former US President Donald Trump has withdrawn from an agreement that lifted economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for curbing a nuclear program. He re-imposed US sanctions and urged Iran to violate the atomic limits of the agreement.

The remaining parties to the deal (Iran, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia) are tasked with marrying a list of sanctions that the United States can lift with nuclear obligations that Iran must meet on Tuesday at two expert levels. Agreed to form a group of.

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Diplomats suggested that the European Union chaired a working group other than the United States to meet on Wednesday to know within a few weeks whether it would bear fruit before Iran’s June 18 presidential election. Stated.

US officials said they had been briefed on the meeting.

“Vienna’s ground team has been in talks with European allies and partners in Russia and China, who now met with an Iranian delegation,” Ned Price, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of State, told Washington. It was.

According to Price, negotiations will be difficult due to the indirect form, the history of distrust in Iran, and the complexity of the matter.

He also suggested that Washington may be prepared to ease sanctions on Iran beyond the sanctions mandated by the original nuclear agreement, formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). However, the details were not disclosed.

“We are prepared to take the necessary steps to return to JCPOA compliance, such as lifting sanctions that are inconsistent with the JCPOA. I am here in a position to give you chapters and sections on what they are. Not at, “he said.

Reported by François Murphy of Vienna, John Irish of Paris, Fumeira Pamuk and Mohammad Zargham of Washington, and Arshad Mohammed of St. Paul, Minnesota. Written by Arshad Mohammed; edited by Grant McCool.


Source: Reuters


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