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Arlington, Texas 2021-02-22 15:45:56 –

Arlington’s updated housing permit parking program does not include paid 2-hour parking.

The county committee is unanimous Approve important changes to the program During the meeting on Saturday.

The new program extends the eligibility of the RPP program to housing complexes. Exterior plan — And give the household a permit based on the amount of off-street parking. Residents will be charged a portion of the previously free permit and, according to the county, will end support for the general tax program.

The board finally denied the county officials’ recommendation to allow people from outside the neighborhood to pay a limited-time parking fee in the zone area.

“2 hours deletion [paid parking] This is a big change we have made, “said Matt de Ferranti, Chairman of the Board. “I was reading a 196-page letter. We listened, but I think it’s a big important step. People should hear that it’s the biggest change.”

County report And Public letter It shows that many residents have pushed back this particular proposal. Split members Of the planning committee. Given that unauthorized vehicles could actually be parked legally, members of the county committee cited the challenges of enforcement.

“Currently, enforcement is too difficult,” said board member Libby Garvey. Visitors can continue to park in the zone parking lot if a pass is given by a qualified resident.

While the two-hour visitor parking was removed, board members turned their attention to expanding their eligibility for apartments.

“One of the main reasons to reassess and reproduce this program in Arlington [is] We discriminate on the basis of the type of housing, “said board member Katie Kristol. “I am confident that these fixes will create this program. [fairer] It is more in line with our values ​​at Arlington. “

She said that due to this change, the county committee abolished the RPP zone, Many years of controversy Among the residents of Forest Glen and Arlington Mill, an apartment resident was attacked by a single-family homeowner in an area where street parking was limited.

Voting will take place later 3 year review The program’s new RPP application was suspended in the meantime. The program was originally established in 1972 to regulate parking in residential areas near subway stations and commercial centers.The United States Supreme Court Supported the program In 1977, the program Has been criticized recently To exclude people who live in apartments or condominiums.

According to the county, about 10% of Arlington’s households are in the current RPP zone.

The public forum set up last spring has been cancelled By pandemic.. Instead of effectively reschedule them, county officials closed the review by citing: Fairness concerns.. A new period of public involvement began when the county was ready to propose changes to the county committee in January 2021.

December, county committee Postponement of hearing Until February to give residents more time to see the proposal.

All housing types can be petitioned under the newly adopted program.However, in addition to those who live in residential buildings approved by the site plan, and other specific types of multipurpose development. Form-based code development Along Columbia Pike — You are not eligible to apply for a program permit or petition.

The county needs to increase 80% of its neighbors on the block from 60% to support RPP petitions. The county no longer needs to find that at least a quarter of street parking is occupied by people outside the area. Instead, you need to find that 85% or more of the spot is occupied.

It’s really hard to tell what a vehicle is outside the area, “said county transport official Stephen Klim. “This out-of-area test is what causes many petitions to fail.”

Households with off-street parking are eligible for a permit twice a year (down from 4), and households without it can obtain a permit four times.

For one permit, the household maintains an annual permit or FlexPass — Dashboard placard that can be used by residents and their visitors. All households can get up to 5 short-term visitor passbooks. This allows for up to 300 days of parking each year.

The county charges for the first book of FlexPass and short-term visitor passes. The first vehicle-specific permit or FlexPass is $ 40. The second, third, and fourth vehicle-specific permits cost $ 55, $ 65, and $ 150, respectively.

Low-income households eligible for state and federal support programs receive a 50% discount on their passes.

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