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County Cold Case Task Force renews efforts to close 25-year-old homicide – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — Twenty-five years later that day, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OSCO) announced on Wednesday that it would step up its search for the murderer of Edward Trotter, who was 43 at the time of his death in 1996.

And a quarter of a century later, his daughter, Cristalle Perfrey, is still waiting for justice to take place.

She told Free Press after the press conference that the people involved in the murder of her father were “unaware that they left a big hole in my heart.”

Perfrey said he was absent from “every holiday, every birthday, the birth of my children, and my son who couldn’t be here today.” He is 17 years old and looks amazing like his grandfather. “

“He was a loving person,” Perfrey told us. “He was kind and helped my friends. He carried them a shirt.”

“He will always be there, which makes all of this so shocking. I can’t imagine anyone getting so angry with him. They pay him in his life. I just feel the need and keep that information all the time. “

And she believes that Trotter’s close friends at the time knew who the murderer was, but didn’t come forward, as OSCO investigators do.

Cold case task force

At a press conference Wednesday, Captain Sean Shelby said the Cold Case Task Force was reviewing all old evidence. They also believe they have the names of the main suspects and accomplices.

Shelby believes Trotter was killed at his home in the countryside of eastern Oklahoma County, and 72.5 hours later his body moved to the nearby 10900 Peabury Road Forest.

This is where Trotter’s body was found to be partially disassembled.

The Inspector General’s office found that Trotter was shot twice with a shotgun-fired bird shot.

Aaron Brillbeck, a spokeswoman, said he now believes that the deadly bullet was fired from an “antique shotgun” stored in the open case of a gun in Trotter’s house.

Captain Shelby said they believed that the shotgun was available at Trotter’s house for a momentary killing.

Captain Sean Shelby explains to the press about their new search for Edward Trotter’s murderers. June 16, 2021 (BRETT DICKERSON / Okla City Free Press)

Friend’s Suspect Circle

After the press conference, Free Press discussed with Perfrey about friends, including the suspect mentioned at the press conference.

She and her family still live near Jones, not far from where her father was killed. And she said they still live in the area, but she hasn’t seen or been contacted by them since her father’s funeral.

“I was away a long time ago. When I was a teenager, I didn’t like the circle of friends with my dad, so I didn’t want to be around,” Perfrey said.

“You know, they didn’t want to grow,” she continued. “They don’t want responsibility. They wanted to participate in non-adult, irresponsible behavior, as you know. I’m an adult. They have a bad influence on him. I knew what I was giving, so I tried to tell him that. “

Pelfree said a circle of friends that her father started at an elementary school in Edmond Public School. They all attended Edmond Memorial High School together and graduated in the early 1970s.

I asked if they had ever tried to contact her because they live in the community. She said to us, “No one has contacted me. No one has tried to come. That’s good. I don’t want to have any relationship with them.” , That’s a little funny. “

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County Cold Case Task Force renews efforts to close 25-year-old homicide Source link County Cold Case Task Force renews efforts to close 25-year-old homicide

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