County councilmember sends out flyers depicting her opponent as a “socialist puppet” – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2021-10-07 17:50:00 –

A political flyer sent by King County Congressman Kathy Lambert’s campaign portrays her opponent as a doll dominated by prominently colored Democrats, as a horrifying and divisive image and rhetoric. It has been criticized.

In the flyer, Senator Bernie Sanders, Vice President Kamala Harris, Seattle City Councilor Kusama Swanto, and Lambert’s Democratic Opponent as a doll operated by Lambert’s King County Parliamentary colleague Gilmei Zahirei. Contains an image of a Sarah Perry. The flyer accuses Perry of being a “socialist doll” dominated by politicians of these colors.

Lambert did not respond to requests for comment, despite numerous phone calls and emails to the campaign office.

Perry said he was very disappointed with the images and words used in the leaflets and was surprised that Lambert “sinks so low.” She said her portrayal as a doll was unpleasant not only for her as a “strong and professional woman”, but also for other women like her.

She has been promoting nationalists for centuries to portray certain politicians and public figures as this leaflet is racist, anti-seductive, manipulated and dominated by Jews. He duplicated the images used by the politicians and accused them of affecting the fear and attitude of xenophobia throughout history.

King County Congressman Gilmei Zahirei, who appears to be manipulating Perry’s back strap, also blamed Lambert’s horrifying campaign and found a problem in the leaflet. Zahilay has approved Perry as a seat in Lambert’s Third District.

“Some might say it was because I supported her Democratic opponents. In fact, 6 [Councilmember] Lambert’s colleagues supported her opponent, “Zahiray tweeted on October 6.

Zahilay said it’s not new to portray a black elected official in the name of a foreign sound as an enemy of suburban and local values.

Perry said he met him only twice while being supported by Zahirai. She also said she had never met or had anything to do with Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, or Kusama Sawant.

The rhetoric used in leaflets she labels her as a “socialist” and aligns with the “police refund” movement misunderstands her ideology and nuances from her political beliefs. Said to remove.

“I don’t know why she chose to use the term,” Perry said. She is not aware that she is a socialist and is not trying to refund police funds. In fact, she favored providing additional resources to law enforcement agencies and first responders, and she said the focus on police reform was to increase transparency, accountability and standards.

Her feeling is that the images and rhetoric used in the leaflets were intended to elicit an intestinal-level response to the fear, doubt, and uncertainty felt by the more conservative members of the district. The leaflets use buzzwords such as “socialism” and “police defense” that have been used and misused by conservatives not only recently to mobilize voters against Democratic candidates.

Perry said this kind of rhetoric is not “healthy” for the community, it will only eventually become more disruptive. She finally said that elected officials and communities would move forward by working together rather than burning the bridge.

Perry pointed out that the Seattle Times are in favor of incumbent Lambert. In it, “the effectiveness of Kathy working across the party and the geographic border” is touted by her ex-colleague Larry Goset as the reason for her success in the nonpartisan county council seats.

According to Perry, the leaflet shows her true partisanship in a fiercely contested election in November this year. In the third district primary, Lambert led Perry by about 2,000 votes.

On the list of supporters, including Governor Jay Inslee, Perry feels that Lambert’s campaign rhetoric may have come out for fear of losing the election. Perry accused Lambert of having to try to attack her credibility simply because he wasn’t doing enough to stand in his current position.

County councilmember sends out flyers depicting her opponent as a “socialist puppet” Source link County councilmember sends out flyers depicting her opponent as a “socialist puppet”

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