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County seeks court’s help in fight with Apex Apartments owner – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-05-18 22:40:01 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) – Clark County states that the condition of Apex Apartments is dangerous and can be fatal.

There were several murders at the Twain Avenue and Cambridge Street complex just north of UNLV.

Besides, the owner took taxes — and the conditions remained the same.

In a new document obtained by Team I, Clark County calls on the judge to intervene.

Clark County asks: How many more lives do we need to lose before the landlord of the Apex apartment is held accountable? The question is asked in court documents as the county asks the judge to close the place.

The county points out floods, fires and crimes and states that there is a high risk of death at this facility. This includes four murders in the past year and 67 arrests in just six months. Some of those arrests are related to narcotics like heroin and methamphetamine.

Police pointed to a drug house just a few meters away from the administration office and put a sign outside that advertised, “Because of COVID-19, the candy house is only receiving orders.” increase.

Police said SWAT had entered there and 13 people had been arrested.

The county also calls the property a shelter for squatters, noting that the squatters have changed their locks.

California-based Pro-Residential owners are collecting rent and COVID-19 rent relief (about $ 330,000 according to the county), even though they don’t even have a license to operate.

The county also reports that it spends about $ 26,000 on real estate, including the cost of boarding some areas. Reminders — These are taxes.

The county also said it did everything possible to cooperate with the owners, but they did not cooperate and did not provide safe and habitable housing.

I-Team recently tried to talk to the manager, but she refused to answer our question.

The next court day is set for Thursday, May 26th.

If the judge orders the location to be closed, Tick Segerblom, a member of the region’s representative, says the county will work with tenants to help find a new place to live.

As we report, there is a shortage of affordable housing. Segerblom said that was part of the reason the county gave the landlord so many opportunities.

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