County Yard Waste and (Soon) Food Scraps to Go to Prince William County – Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas 2021-02-23 10:30:24 –

Arlington County sends garden waste and food waste to Prince William County.

At the county board on Saturday, the board approved New agreement Send organic compost to a new state-of-the-art composting facility in Prince William County.

Until November last year, the county was sending compost to a facility in Loudon County, which then shut down.

back 2016Arlington County has begun roadside collection of residential materials throughout the year, such as cutting grass, leaves and trimming gardens.

Arlington County offers year-round residential roadside collection of organic materials such as grass cuts, foliage, and garden trimmings.During the winter — November-March — the material is composted in Earth Products Recycling Yard (EPRY) At the Arlington County Trade Center in Shirlington.

However, this change occurs in spring due to the inability of EPRY to compost grass cuts and the limited space associated with residents who mow the lawn in spring and summer.

As a result, from April to October, the county sends organic matter to third parties outside the county for processing.

And from this year, the material is Free state farm Located in nearby Prince William County. The facility operates through a public-private partnership between Prince William County and a private sector.

In addition to garden waste, the Prince William County facility also has the ability to compost “mixed organic matter,” or food waste.Mayor Mark Schwartz 2022 budget plan From about $ 300,000 Add kitchen waste A list of items that can be placed in a green organic bottle.

If approved, according to Schwartz’s budget, garbage collection will begin in September.

Meanwhile, the county’s current organic collection is set to be trucked to Prince William County on April 1. However, the contract comes with a price.

Prince William’s facility charges more than the Loudoun County facility. From $ 32 per ton of garden waste to a new rate of $ 36 per ton. For mixed organics, the proportion is even higher, at $ 38 per ton. According to staff reports, these rate increases should be “almost or completely offset” by other savings in the waste collection budget, and Arlington households do not have to absorb the rate increases.

In fact, Proposed budgetIn fact, the proportion of household solid waste is slightly reduced. Households are currently paying $ 319.03 annually. If the budget goes through with the addition of mixed organic matter collection, residents will pay $ 318.61.

County Yard Waste and (Soon) Food Scraps to Go to Prince William County Source link County Yard Waste and (Soon) Food Scraps to Go to Prince William County

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