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Couple kicked out of TX bar for refusing to take off masks – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-09-21 12:43:41 –

A woman in the Dallas area says she and her husband were kicked out of the restaurant because they chose to wear a mask to protect their son with cystic fibrosis.

so Facebook In a post earlier this month, Natalie Wester said she and her husband went to meet a friend for a night out at a bar in Rowlett, Texas. Wester said in a Facebook post that the hostess asked the couple to remove the mask when verifying their ID, but the couple put it back on when they got to the table.

Wester says she and her husband were completely vaccinated, but chose to wear a mask because their 4-month-old son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

The couple continued to wear masks after ordering drinks and appetizers. But about 30 minutes later, the waitress approached them and told them to take off their masks.

“… Our waitress came and sat next to me,” Our manager sent me because I’m better than him. And yes, this is political “Wester writes.

Wester claims that the waitress told her she didn’t believe the mask would help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Numerous scientific studies If not, I will prove it.

When Wester told the waitress about his son’s condition, she said the waitress said, “I can close my check if there is a problem.”

“My husband and I paid and left without a scene,” Wester wrote.

KTVT-TV In Dallas, I talked to the owner of Hangtime, who confirmed Wester’s story.

“I spent money on this business and shed blood, sweat and tears on it. I don’t want to put a mask here,” owner Tom Blackmer told KTVT. “Currently, I feel that the overall reaction to masks is ridiculous in the United States.”

By talking to Dallas Morning NewsBlackmar said, “I had the option to go wherever I wanted. There are thousands of bars around here. I’ll go somewhere …. if you’re protecting someone, go out. It shouldn’t be. “

Earlier this year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an order banning state jurisdictions from enacting mask mandates, including school districts.

Texas has seen fewer cases in the past week, but the state has the second highest number of new cases per 100,000 after Florida. Johns Hopkins..

Couple kicked out of TX bar for refusing to take off masks Source link Couple kicked out of TX bar for refusing to take off masks

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