Court of Appeals Blocks CDC Restrictions on Cruises in Florida Victory

The Royal Caribbean Sea Odyssey will arrive in Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on June 10, 2021.

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The Federal Court of Appeals on Friday upheld Florida in a challenge to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over federal regulation of cruise ships, saying the state was overburdened and spent millions of dollars on past tax revenues. ..

The 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision on page 2 shows an unusual reversal from the Court of Appeals’ decision on the issue filed on Saturday.

The court did not explain the reason for the change, but the latest ruling was issued hours after Florida filed a proceeding with the Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn the previous move of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. That action will probably be withdrawn now.

CDC rules have prevented the cruise industry from fully returning to business in a vaccine-driven vaccine recovery. COVID-19 Pandemic.. In the early days of the public health crisis, cruise ships were exposed to many high-profile outbreaks. The industry was hit hardest by the coronavirus.

A federal district court in Florida upheld the state last month in response to a proceeding filed by Republican Attorney General Ashley Moody. Over the weekend, the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals was able to suspend its decision and maintain the CDC rules.

Saturday’s 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision was voted 2-1. Friday’s decision was unanimous.

Cruise line share Carnival cruise, Royal Caribbean And Norwegian Cruise Line After the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals was announced on Monday, each fell even further than the wider market.

Moody brought the case to the Supreme Court on Friday afternoon. Emergency filingAsks the Supreme Court to overturn the Court of Appeals’ decision.

“The CDC’s order is clearly beyond its authority, and the district court has correctly concluded that it has been preliminaryly suspended,” Moody wrote in the filings.

According to Moody, the CDC rules correspond to the “continuously changing set of requirements” posted on government websites.

In addition, the CDC rules state that “while waiting in line for pools and toilets, we will establish a COVID-19 laboratory on the cruise line, conduct self-funded experiments called” test voyages “.”

Moody wrote that at the time the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, only five of the 65 vessels subject to the CDC’s cruise rules were approved for departure. She wrote in a filing that cruise restrictions cost Florida tens of millions of dollars in taxes and port revenues. Without further action, the limit was set to remain in effect until November 2021.

The CDC did not immediately return a request for comment.

The Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit shows an increase in cases of Covid-19, primarily among unvaccinated individuals, due to the highly contagious delta mutation.

Moody said Wednesday that he had been infected with Covid-19 despite being vaccinated. In a post on Twitter on Friday, Moody said he was still experiencing mild symptoms and recommended people to be vaccinated.

Court of Appeals Blocks CDC Restrictions on Cruises in Florida Victory

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