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Albuquerque, New Mexico (AP) — A foundation with conservative support aimed at posting online registration records for voters across the country told federal judges on Tuesday that the initiative violated state law and people Vote for privacy concerns that have called for nullification of New Mexico’s voter opposition to discourage registration. The website does not provide details on how people voted on candidates or initiatives.

The Voter Reference Foundation has posted voter roles from at least 20 states. It allows you to search by name or address to see where people live and whether you have voted in various past elections.

The companion website highlights the difference between the number of votes cast based on accredited election results and the number of people listed as voting for registration roles at various times when regional registrations were added or removed. doing.

Eddie Greim, a voter reference foundation lawyer, will be able to intervene in federal judges, publish voter roles online for direct accountability, and verify the accuracy of most registration records submitted by others. I asked for it.

“The overall purpose of this is for voters to maintain and take responsibility for their records,” Greim said in a hearing on Tuesday in the US District Court in Albuquerque. New Mexico voters can already look up their registration online by providing their date of birth.

Election regulators in New Mexico say unprecedented efforts are ignoring state laws that limit the acquisition and sharing of voter registration roles to government activities and political campaigns.

In December, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver introduced the group’s efforts on possible prosecutions to the State Attorney General. There is no charge.

On Tuesday, a lawyer representing the Secretary of State warned that many residents would hesitate or dislike registering for a vote if they knew that the necessary personal information was openly distributed.

Olga Serafimowa, Attorney General and Secretary of State, said: “The system is unleashed.”

She believes that election regulators in some states are flawed in the Foundation’s methodology for highlighting the “mismatch” between vote counting on election days and continuously updated registration records. Said.

The hearing on Tuesday included testimony from Gina Swoboda, a former employee of the State Secretary of State for Arizona and Managing Director of the Voter Reference Foundation, a New Mexico Election Commissioner.

Judge James Browning of the Federal District Court asked the lawyer a question and said the hearing would be extended to another day to allow more testimony. He took no other immediate action.

The Voter Reference Foundation, founded by former Republican Senator candidate Doug Truax in Illinois, removed New Mexico’s registration record from its website in March, with state restrictions on voter registration data in US Constitutional speech. He filed a proceeding alleging that he violated the guarantee of freedom.

Court weighs clash on online publication of voting records Source link Court weighs clash on online publication of voting records

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