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Former electricity Hawaiian quarterback Colt Brennan dies On Tuesday, at the age of 37, he sent a shock wave to the world of college football.

Colt’s father, Terry Brennan, took Colt to the emergency room on Sunday night and found him very drunk, but his son was in a detox facility because the bed was unavailable. Said he was separated from. Paramedics were called to the hotel on Monday when Colt was with other people.

His father, Terry, told the media that Colt had ingested something contaminated with fentanyl and never regained consciousness.

Prior to Colt’s high-flying career with the Rainbow Warriors under the direction of June Jones, he was hired to play in San Jose by his own cousin, now Spartan head coach Brent Brennan. Brent was the recruitment coordinator under legendary head coach Dick Tomey and provided Colt with a scholarship.

Instead, Colt continued to walk in Hawaii, so Brent and Sparta had to face him three times, losing all three WAC confrontations between 2005 and 2007.

Brent remembered the game of coaching his cousin with a heartfelt poem He posted on Twitter on Wednesday morning..

In 2005, Colt was an offensive player at Saddleback College in California’s junior college this year, but most DI schools were scared by a 2004 campus incident in Colorado, kicking off their team and going to jail. I put it in. It’s been a week since I was convicted of trespassing and robbery by criminals.

Brent, then SJSU’s recruitment coordinator, offered a scholarship to his cousin, but he refused.

“I could have gone to San Jose State University, but I was embarrassed to have a family here. I wanted to escape,” Colt said during the 2007 WAC Media Day in San Jose. “When I experienced Colorado, what I wanted to do was run away. Hawaii was just like the place to do it.”

Colt added: “If football didn’t work, I was going to find a nice little hut and relax the rest of my life. But then football went well.”

Colt had a record career in Hawaii and played three big games with his cousin. Hawaii won the SJSU each time, and Colt passed over 1,400 yards and 12 touchdowns in these games.

Prior to their final meeting, in 2007 Brent was asked how close his cousins ​​were to each other and said it worked the way they were supposed to.

“Often, in recruiting, players will end up where they belong,” he said.

Colt’s college career is one of the greatest in Hawaiian history, accumulating 14,193 passyards and 131 touchdowns in three seasons, bringing the Warriors into an undefeated regular season and the appearance of the Sugar Bowl. I guided you. He finished in the top six votes of the Heisman Trophy in the last two years with the Warriors.

Below is the full text of Brent’s poem:

Legend comes, legend goes
But the legend never dies

Until this day i hear them say
I sit alone and cry.

The spirit of joy, the spirit of smiles, the spirit of fun,
Moved to another place

And we are still trying to understand
Fill the empty space.

His game was big his heart was big
His energy illuminated the room

I know it’s this, we all miss
Because the foal was gone soon.

When I was in the field, it looked so easy,
He was always in control

While leaving the field, a struggle arose,
And he fought for his soul.

His life was full of ups and downs
The best and most difficult days

But when I think of him, I choose to smile,
Remember his magical way.

He lifted states, programs, teams,
He gave us hope that he taught us our dreams.

I want to believe that God’s timing is perfect
As a young Colt Brennan dime

We will all miss him from the bottom of my heart,
But in the end it was his time.

We shared a special moment in those games,
And i remember them all

He beat my team every time
Both running and throwing the ball.

When the game was over, we would meet in the midfield.
There was always a hug

He took off his helmet
His huge Colt smile spread all over his face.

In a heartfelt way, as Colt Brennan always does
With his big smile he gave me a hug and … said, “I love you.”

Cousin Brent Brennan, SJSU coach, shares poem Source link Cousin Brent Brennan, SJSU coach, shares poem

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