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COVID-19 fears cause some people to put plans to have babies on hold; Nurx saw 50% increase in birth control use – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-01-13 22:59:21 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — Millions of people continue to be encouraged to stay home because of the pandemic, and many playfully anticipate baby booms. Especially at 9 months. However, the coronavirus pandemic has proven to be a baby’s bust.

With all the fears and uncertainties from both COVID-19 and its economic consequences, experts say that many who were thinking of having a baby have put their plans on hold, and want to get pregnant. Those who do not say they are particularly cautious.

Nurx, the largest digital practice for women’s health, states that the demand for contraceptive prescriptions increased by 50% and the demand for emergency contraceptives increased by 40% when a pandemic occurred in March.

“Everything is afraid, from financial insecurity to going to the hospital to give birth at this time. There are many reasons for the fundamental increase in contraception.”

There are many studies that prove a direct link between recession and fertility rates dating back to the Great Depression. Ten years ago, in the states where the recession was most severe, the number of births fell the most.

Researchers at the Brookings Institution predict that there could be 500,000 fewer babies born in the United States this year.

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