COVID-19 Pandemic is actually bringing Colorado couples closer together – Denver, Colorado

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Denver (KDVR) —At the beginning of the pandemic, there was much talk about the potential for divorce spikes between married couples in Colorado.

However, new data show that quarantine in COVID actually has the opposite effect.

The National Survey (American Family Survey) surveyed 3,000 Americans about the strength of their relationship during the pandemic.

Fifty-six percent of couples were shown to believe that the pandemic valued their partners more (a survey found that one in ten disagreed).

“Whenever we feel threatened, we humans try to build bonds. We attach, we are a collective species. And our partners are the most in the world for us. They’re important people. Uh? They’re not only your criminal partner, but your teammates. They’re the ones you go to when you’re feeling stressed or anxious, “says Marriage and Family Therapy. Said Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, who holds a license. Growing self-counseling and coaching In Denver.

According to experts, the pandemic offers many opportunities for couples to experience emotional connection and support.

“It made them thank their partners in ways they never had before-for example, they even gave them the opportunity to be thanked. They probably don’t need their partners to ask them. Asked that, and if they could “appear” it would bring a whole other level of intimacy, “said Erica Holmes. Colorado Couples & Family Therapy In Denver.

According to the survey, the divorce rate continues to decline nationwide.

Simply put, marriage counselors in the Denver area say that pandemics have the power to build and break relationships.

“This is the success or failure of the relationship, and every couple has the power to make it a moment of bond,” said Dr. Marie Bobby.

Dr. Marie Bobby provided these resources to a couple struggling during a pandemic.

COVID-19 Pandemic is actually bringing Colorado couples closer together Source link COVID-19 Pandemic is actually bringing Colorado couples closer together

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