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COVID-19 spike among TSA officers at McCarran, federal data shows | Coronavirus – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2020-11-20 02:46:00 –

Las Vegas (FOX5)-They keep us safe at the airport, but during the pandemic they endanger their own safety. Cases of COVID-19 among TSA officers at McCarran International Airport surged last month, TSA data suggest.

According to TSA data, 24 cases have been reported among TSA personnel in less than a month, with TSA agents catching COVID-19 at a higher rate than last month.

The report shows that a total of 65 TSA personnel have been positive since the pandemic began. By comparison, there were only eight airports in Reno-Tahoe.

Still, a TSA spokesman said he had taken all precautions.

“They are wearing surgical masks or N95 masks. If they are in closer contact with travelers, they will wear face shields,” said TSA spokesman Rory Dunkers. Said.

She added: “Our employees are asked to stay home if they feel sick, no matter what it is. No questions asked, and there is a special category of vacation to use for that. “

Dunkers said there is something travelers can do to help: she asks them to pay attention to restricted items to avoid additional screening.

“Not only do we not want to do baggage inspection, but our cops don’t have to do baggage inspection because it increases exposure,” Dunkers said. “You will be able to keep a social distance from our employees, they will be able to keep a social distance from you, and you will go through to your gate.”

One traveler we talked to agrees that it is best to think ahead.

“Not specifically me, but at one point we were traveling with a friend, but he stopped and was eventually beaten up to nine yards,” said Karen Prayer, a Macallan traveler. “You have to stop the entire security line and go through all the bags. If you don’t have to, it’s easy.”

That’s why Dunkers said TSA created the mobile app.

“Download the MyTSA app, and what it does is give you information about some important things …” said Dunkers. “A database of items that are prohibited in carry-on baggage-enter the name of the item to see if it can be carried or checked.”

No information was disclosed as to whether any of the COVID-19 cases of Macallan TSA officers were active, but TSA data tested the latest employees as positive on Tuesday.

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