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COVID-19 vaccine allocation: How Kansas distributes doses – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-01-14 19:50:21 –

According to Kansas City, Missouri CDC COVID-19 Tracker, Kansas has received 261,175 COVID-19 vaccines as of Thursday.

A man in Johnson County, Kansas, contacted 41 Action News after noticing that the dose of COVID-19 distributed to the county appeared to be low.

According to the Johnson County Health and Environment Department website, the county has been assigned 9,750 doses so far. This number is a combination of 7,350 first doses and 2,400 second doses.

The breakdown vaccines distributed and administered in Johnson County are as follows.

The initial dose was 1.2% of the county’s population, which was 602,401 at the 2019 census.

In Sedgwick County (the second largest county in the state with 516,042 inhabitants), the first dose assigned was 8,470, or 1.64% of the population.

The viewer who contacted us essentially asked, “Why do small counties get more doses?”

41 Action News asked Governor Laura Kelly exactly that question.

“I think the formula used for distribution is based on the number of cases in the population. I’ve just seen guidance from the CDC on how quickly counties will be decided in the future. Immunizing people, are they using that dose quickly, and it will begin to determine how much they get. “

Also, according to Kansas Vaccination Plan, “Vaccine allocation in Kansas depends on many factors, including available vaccine doses, vaccine indications, vaccine storage requirements, minimum allowed vaccine orders, and vaccine provider availability. “

However, Johnson County Health and Environment Director said the agency not only has the ability to store and administer vaccines, but many also need vaccination as part of Phase 1.

“As of last week, we were waiting for about 25,000 people to get vaccinated,” said Dr. Sanmi Areola. “And with what we received so far last week and this week, we were able to make some progress in getting additional doses, but what we received directly from the state made us the first Almost not enough to go through the stages. “”

In addition to receiving state doses, Johnson County receives additional doses from local hospitals and health partnership clinics.

However, more is needed to complete vaccination of health care workers. Demand will continue to grow as the state moves into Phase 2.

“In Johnson County, we want to remind people that about 95,500 residents are over 65, so it’s a very large group,” said Dr. Areola. “And if you add all the other sections of the group, you could be talking about 120,000, 130,000, and even 140,000.”

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has launched an online research tool to help people track their order of vaccination.

It will be ready on Friday, January 14th. All you have to do is enter your name, email address and other basic information.

The tool then notifies someone when they are eligible to receive the vaccine.

Dr. Areola said this was just a notice, meaning someone had to look for a link to sign up and book.

COVID-19 vaccine allocation: How Kansas distributes doses Source link COVID-19 vaccine allocation: How Kansas distributes doses

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