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NSThe number of COVID cases in Pima County remains on the plateau, with some signs of a possible decrease.

Francisco Garcia, Chief Medical Officer of Pima County, told the media last week: “But overall, it’s heading in the right direction. I wanted it to decrease significantly. It seems that it’s actually settling down or leveling off, rather than decreasing now.”

Garcia said local hospitals are still “very busy,” partly due to people with health problems other than COVID. He added that some of the problems were due to staff shortages.

Garcia said 90% to 95% of people using ICUs and ventilators were not vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to Garcia, the number of cases has decreased slightly at school as well.

Overall, he said, about 47% of school cases were children under the age of 12, about 40% were children between the ages of 13 and 17, and the remaining school cases were adults.

According to Garcia, the Ministry of Health has closed only 40 classrooms so far this year.

“Schools are doing what they absolutely need to do: identify their children early, get them home, and keep them out of contact with people in other schools.”

Garcia said. “Otherwise, I think more classes will shut down.”

Dr. Joe Gerald, an epidemiologist at the UA Zuckerman School of Public Health, who has been tracking outbreaks since March 2020, said in his weekly report that the sharp decline in weekly COVID cases was among 5-year-old children. increase. Up to 19.

“It’s hard to draw causal conclusions, but recent mask obligations in certain districts, active case identification, and limited classroom closures can help,” Gerald said. ..

In the week ending September 12, 1,712 Pima County residents tested positive for COVID-19, down 4% from the previous week. Gerald said cases had declined in Pima County for the third straight week, but cases declined more rapidly across the state.

Gerald said there were still numerous cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Arizona, but “the situation is gradually improving, except in a few counties, such as Greenlee County, which is close to the highest ever.” ..

Gerald said the occupancy rate of hospitals in Arizona is “above the seasonal level.”

As of September 15, 2,050 (23%) of 8,747 general wards in Arizona were occupied by COVID-19 patients, down 1% from 2,061 beds last week. According to Gerald, another 695 (8%) bed was still available.

By the same date, 565 (32%) of Arizona’s 1,743 ICU beds were occupied by COVID-19 patients, an increase of 1% from 561 occupied beds last week. An additional 143 (8%) ICU bed was still available.

“As a lagging indicator, hospital occupancy has peaked, but it’s not.

It decreased as expected, “Gerald wrote. “This can be due to persistent high infections between high-risk groups and / or long-term stays among young patients.”

As of Monday, September 20, a total of 19,513 Arizonas had died after being infected with COVID, according to the Arizona Department of Health.

This means that one in 350 Arizonas died after getting sick. On a national average, one in 500 people in the United States die after being infected with COVID.

According to the CDC, Gerald writes that 61% of Arizona’s adult population is fully vaccinated and an additional 10% is vaccinated once.

“The ADHS Vaccine Dashboard shows that the weekly dose delivered is decreasing and there is a 70K dose for each dose last week.” Gerald wrote. “Based on national serological data, the combination of innate and vaccine immunity can exceed 80% in most parts of the country and in most age groups. Still, mask obligations, limited meetings Non-pharmacological interventions, such as scaled, targeted business mitigation, can help speed up resolution and prevent this wave from recurring. “

COVID cases plateau in Pima County | Health Source link COVID cases plateau in Pima County | Health

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