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Tampa, Florida — Health officials recommend that people who have not yet been vaccinated consider taking it. “It’s becoming an unvaccinated pandemic,” said the CDC director.

Dequita Parker was at stake about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We know what we’ve experienced up to the African-American community just by hearing something new, vaccine launches, test runs, and side effects,” Parker said of why he hesitated.

But last month she decided to take it in front of the First Lady and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“Here in my job, I had my doctor look at the strengths and weaknesses of vaccines. I could change my mind just by understanding and gaining general knowledge of vaccines,” Parker said. Mr. says.

Parker works as an Associate Director for Promise Land with the Children of Metropolitan Ministries.

“Then, there are new variants out there, and I don’t want to have this feeling again, and I feel desperate for the virus,” Parker said last year.

The Kaiser Family Foundation was initially hesitant, but eventually found that many of the vaccinated people were influenced by their doctors, friends and family.

According to their study, one in five adults was vaccinated after expressing hesitation in January. They re-interviewed the respondents and found that 25% would meet, friends and family would be vaccinated without serious side effects, 8% would be pressured by friends and family, and 3% would be able to visit their families safely. I have listed.

“Another important persuader was talking to individual doctors, so discussing with doctors that the risk of coronavirus may be high due to comorbidities and existing health conditions is an individual. Seems to be another factor that persuaded him to decide on vaccination, “said Ashley Kirzinger. , Deputy Director of Public Opinion and Research at the Kaiser Family Foundation. “What we have found is that personal connections with others seem to be the biggest factor.”

Approximately 59 percent of eligible Florida citizens are vaccinated, according to the latest data from the Florida Department of Health. Rates ranged from 84 percent aged 65 and over to 33 percent aged 12-19. Last week more people were vaccinated than last week.

The White House’s COVID response team said last week that the five states with the highest case rates, including Florida, had higher rates of new vaccinations for people than the national average. Florida accounted for about one of five new COVID cases.

“Recently, looking back at the week ending June 17, it’s not too long ago. There were just over 10,000 or about 1,500 cases per day, which is the lowest total week since early June 2020. So everything was good about 4 weeks ago. But now, 4 weeks later, it has more than quadrupled to 45,000 cases in the last week, or about 6,500 cases per day. This is 2 It’s the highest since the beginning of the month, “said Dr. Jason Salemi.

Salemi is an associate professor of epidemiology at the USF University of Public Health. Throughout the pandemic, he closely tracked the data and put it together on the dashboard.

“Three weeks ago, 11 of the 67 counties in Florida had a positive test rate of over 10%, 11 of which. Last week, it surged to 53 of the 67 counties, so it’s now positive. Only people over the age of 60 have a rate of less than 10%, and in fact, the positive test rate for people aged 20-29 is over 15%, “said Salemi. It also shows that hospitalizations have increased by about 1,000 compared to three weeks ago.

Salemi said he believes it is driven by the Delta variant. Approximately 8.5 million eligible individuals who have not yet been vaccinated but have not yet been fully vaccinated. Mitigation of mitigation measures, especially among unvaccinated people.
“This is becoming an unvaccinated pandemic,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC.

The Governor’s Office said Governor DeSantis had ruled out the blockade and mandate of COVID.

Governor’s spokesman, Christina Pushau, said:
“The governor actually predicted this for months. He had cases in Florida and other southern states last summer due to an increase in several interviews in May / June. Fortunately, we are in a very different location this year. Eighty-five percent of the most vulnerable residents (aged 65 and over) are vaccinated and other residents. Has natural immunity. Therefore, the number of cases is increasing, but the number is not comparable to last summer and is not at risk of overwhelming the hospital. Most people who are hospitalized are not vaccinated. Florida citizens are advised to be vaccinated if they have not yet been vaccinated, as the vaccine is available free of charge throughout the state. . “

The Florida Department of Health said it is currently running multiple messaging campaigns in different languages ​​and through multiple media.

“This is important for educating Floridians that vaccines are safe, effective and free. These campaigns will immediately direct residents to vaccine locators on the DOH website,” the agency said. Partially states.

This week, the President of the United States Surgeon issued a advisory warning about false information about health.

“During this pandemic, people resist wearing masks in high-risk environments, refuse proven treatments, and in some cases turn to unproven treatments and are not vaccinated. I’ve come to choose that, “said Dr. Vivek Murphy.

According to Murphy, false health information was a problem before COVID, but now there is a difference in the scale at which it spreads. He called on people to act by checking sources before they shared.

“This advisory tells tech companies what they expect more. They operate with greater transparency, modify algorithms to avoid the amplification of false information, and superspread false information on the platform. We want spreaders to take action quickly and consistently, “says Murphy.

Parker, who is currently vaccinated, said getting vaccinated means safer. It allowed her to visit her mom, which she couldn’t do since the pandemic.

“That was all. I could see her and my kids could see her. It was all about having that experience and spending time in New Orleans,” Parker said. It was.

COVID cases rise; health officials encourage vaccinations Source link COVID cases rise; health officials encourage vaccinations

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