COVID concerns can affect the start of the Pima County high school football season – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2020-10-17 03:21:36 –

In a statement from the Tucson-Pima County Health Department, Arizona, Teresa Karen said conversations continued between high school exercise programs, health authorities and school districts.

Karen said the University of Arizona Association, which governs state school sports, has the same guidelines as the state for all aspects of COVID-19, except for the definition of “minimal community expansion.” ..

It is a condition that schools will need to meet in order to continue contact sports.

Since the county has been below benchmarks for two consecutive weeks, contact sports such as high school football may need to delay practice and thus the season until all benchmarks meet the criteria.

KGUN9 has contacted TUSD, the largest district in the county.

A district spokesman said they couldn’t provide comments because they were during the fall break.

Tucson High Football coach Justin Argraves commented on us over the phone.

He said his team had been practicing for a month and started practicing helmets two weeks ago.

Argraves said full contact practice would begin next Tuesday.

Of his 50 or so diversity players, 20 are seniors, according to Argraves.

He is the hardest to his seniors while he says he feels for all the players in his program.

The county health department said it only provided guidance to the district and ultimately the decision was up to the district.

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