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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —COVID has influenced much of life. Now we’re adding crimps to what the school offers for lunch.

Many school districts, including TUSD, have provided students with complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the pandemic. Today, the area serves about 30,000 meals a day, approaching the 35,000 meals served before the pandemic.

However, the virus disrupted the food supply chain and disrupted school menus.

Lindsay Aguilar, director of TUSD Food Services, says her students aren’t short on food, but food suppliers can’t offer the various food school districts they usually offer — and like restaurants. , The school wants to change the menu to keep diner interested.

“Menu fatigue is something that student customers and we are sure to deal with, and it’s frustrating for me, because I certainly wanted to keep adding new items. That’s me. We always want to bring it as you said, excitement, so menu fatigue is a real problem for us now we are offering a lot of the same items as last year and half . “”

According to Aguilar, old reliable items such as pizza and chicken nuggets are still good supplies, but the school district prefers to set the menu a few weeks in advance, and due to uncertainty about food delivery, only a week. The menu may change before.

The school district buys food by truck and buys food approved by the school lunch program, so its supply chain may differ from that stocking nearby groceries, but shortages in both markets at the same time. It may give a blow.

“There is a shortage of chicken. The actual product of concern is chicken itself, which affects not only the retail market but also schools, so we cross over in different ways.”

So, for now, flexibility is an important element of school recipes, as school districts are adapting to keep their children nourished.


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