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Honolulu (KHON2) — Doctors said it was a miracle that 68-year-old Karen Lindsey was still alive. Big Island’s grandmother spent three months in the ICU at Queen’s Medical Center on Oahu fighting COVID.

Contrary to all possibilities, she switched to Islands Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation on September 19, but that was only the beginning of a long road to recovery facing Lindsey.

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Since then, her doctor has said she has made great strides, but there is no guarantee that she will fully recover.

Three weeks ago, Karen couldn’t even sit and talk very much.

“That’s terrible,” she gasped in the air, “Illness and how it affects your whole body.”

Now she can sit upright and speak more easily.

Her husband, Leabert Lindsey, was with her at every stage.

“I am grateful every day,” she said.

Her tracheostomy was removed last week and she is breathing herself and only occasionally needs oxygen. She can finally eat herself and wants to eat a solid meal soon.

She is slowly regaining power.

Dr. Eric Crawley, Physician in Hawaii Pacific Health Palminary Critical Care Medicine, dropped in at her room to check in.

“What is the strongest physical thing you’ve ever done?” Asked Dr. Crawley.

“I think I was standing with help today,” Karen replied. “It’s an achievement for me.”

Dr. Crawley said it was a good thing and agreed that it was a big deal.

Each milestone brings Karen one step closer to returning to the Big Island with her family. But it’s not easy.

“I’m struggling with things, but there are still many people who have died of illness, and in many ways I’m very lucky,” she said. “But still, the fight is still there.”

Dr. Crawley said there was no guarantee that she would return to normal.

“I’ve heard people are recovering from COVID, but often they don’t see it. You didn’t suddenly get better. These patients who are terrible in the ICU should be able to recover their function. , It will take months to slowly restore function, “Dr. Crawley explained. “Some people don’t. The lungs are severely damaged, often scared, often with chronic injuries and chronic disabilities.”

Karen hopes to convince more people to be vaccinated by sharing her story.

“I think that’s the main goal is to help people decide that vaccination is good,” she said.

“And I’m proof,” her husband added. “I was vaccinated.”

“And he didn’t get sick,” Karen explained.

She took the first shot while at the Queen’s Medical Center and received the second shot last week. Karen was going to be vaccinated, but she waited too long. It’s a regret that she didn’t do.

“One of the first things she said to me was,’I wish I had been vaccinated,'” Liebert said.

They have been fighting COVID-19 and its devastating effects since she was infected with the virus in a family gathered in Utah in June. Liebert said he didn’t want it to anyone.

“It was the hardest, the hardest thing was to see her go through,” he said in tears. “This is devastating and I just thank God. It’s good that she is strong.”

They thank the Queen’s Medical Center’s excellent staff and all the nurses and doctors who helped them and kept her alive.

In addition to the physical and mental sacrifices of both, COVID has also caused financial difficulties.

“We need to fly back and forth, but to be with her, you do what you have to do to support,” Liebert said. “It was hard, but there was a lot of support from my family and friends.”

Liebert, who works as a musician playing at a hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii, was already facing a challenge due to a pandemic, but his fight with his wife, COVID, and installation costs were even worse.

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Nevertheless, they remain positive and look forward to the day she can go home.

If you want to help Lindsey Ohana Please click here.

COVID survivor faces long road to recovery with no guarantee she’ll ever be back to normal Source link COVID survivor faces long road to recovery with no guarantee she’ll ever be back to normal

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