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Aaron Rodgers claimed to have a rare condition called “COVID toes” among COVID-19 patients. This is discoloration and swelling of the toes.

After the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers recovered from COVID-19, he Said at the sports show The only protracted effect of COVID-19 he is suffering from is that “COVID toes”.

Since then, people all over the country Went to a search engine Find out what a “COVID toe” is.


Is the COVID toe in real condition?

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The toes of COVID are the actual condition of the toes and fingers of a person with COVID-19 being discolored and swollen. Researchers are still studying the exact cause of the condition.

What we found

COVID toes are a discoloration of a person’s toes with COVID-19, caused by a small blockage of a person’s blood vessels. Cleveland Clinic.. COVID toes first attracted attention as a possible sign of COVID-19 in the spring of 2020.

NS American Dermatological Association (AAD) Discolored toes are also usually said to be swollen. They are often bright red and gradually turn purple, but sometimes the color begins to turn purple. According to AAD, in addition to swelling and discoloration, blisters, itching, pain and a small amount of pus under the skin can also occur. These symptoms can begin with one or more toes or fingers.

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t talk much about his exact illness, but in an interview he was injured. Related to bone..Then he Revealed at a press conference He has a broken toe. COVID toes do not affect the bones of a person’s toes or leave any type of fracture.

According to AAD, children, teens and young adults are most likely to develop COVID toes, but it can happen to anyone of any age. Some patients develop other symptoms of COVID-19, while others do not.

COVID toes do not occur in all COVID-19 patients and are far less common than symptoms such as cough, fever, and loss of taste and smell.

The exact cause of COVID toes is not entirely clear to health professionals at this time. As of November 24, 2021 CDC No discoloration or swelling of the toes has been described as a symptom of COVID-19. NS WhoOn the other hand, “discoloration of fingers and toes” is mentioned as a “less common symptom” of COVID-19.

Kaiser Permanente A study published in June 2021 Most patients in that study group were found to be negative for COVID toes on a COVID-19 test and instead suffered from unrelated toe inflammation often caused by exposure to low temperatures. I did. Therefore, the authors suggested that “COVID toes” were caused by behavioral changes during the pandemic, not COVID-19 itself.

However, researchers at the French National Institute of Health Sciences Study in October 2021 Patients with unrelated toe inflammation were isolated from patients with toe inflammation tested positive for COVID-19, and the COVID toes are the direct result of the body’s immune response to COVID-19. I discovered that there is a possibility.

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COVID toes are real condition, but Rodgers doesn’t have it Source link COVID toes are real condition, but Rodgers doesn’t have it

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