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During the summer semester of 2021, CPL will continue to provide remote or remote services to all patrons. We want to maintain quality one-on-one project support and media production education in the safest way possible for our staff and patrons. To this end, some of our services have been modified in terms of availability or staff time focus.

At this time, all CPL services are reserved. You cannot bring it in. Regular customers cannot enter the space without wearing a mask at all times. Staff primarily provide assistance from the structure of online telecommuting and can only be in space to complete pre-requests or assist with approved appointments. To offset this inconvenience, we make ourselves and our student assistants available for direct email and video conferencing. If a digital project can be completed via screen sharing or a link to pre-recorded video assistance, that course of action is the first option presented before making an appointment to meet in the space used by the device or computer. Will be.

To ask questions, get help for your project, or set up a video session, send an email to the following team:

Continuous service

The most popular service for teachers to help students learn Video streaming.. You can provide a web link to convert physical media such as VHS, DVD, Blu-ray discs to digital format and share it with your students so you can watch the media at home. Teachers can drop personal media at our circulation desk or find titles in the collection online. This is done every semester and the links provided will only work for the duration of the class. To start the process Please fill out the form, Or Send an email to the team I have a question. Generally, make the link available at least 5 business days after receiving the physical media.Please make a few media requests, taking into account the current request load. several weeks The semester before assignments that students may need to access, preferably before the course. Considering the transition of many courses on campus to partial online delivery, we have made this service a time priority for our staff.

our Large format printing And 3D printing The completion time is slightly extended, but the service is operating normally. A 3D scanning service using the NextEngine scanner is available on request, but you must be able to spray the object with a disinfectant before handling.

Changed service

We do not offer tours or workshops Directly.. If your class requires a software overview, a mini-workshop, or a virtual tour of the CPL Please contact your boss Coordinate web-based presentation or video solutions.

Considering that students will not have access to Adobe Creative Cloud software outside the limited computer stations on campus, we have compiled an actively updated list of open source software for all media creation purposes.It is accessible Here.. Staff can be used to assist in learning and migrating most of these products.

If you need to use the software on your computer, you can use three Mac Pro units and one Windows 10 PC by appointment. If you need access to a complete suite of documents / art scans, digitizers, or software, you can book 24 hours in advance. LibCal page.. These computers are set up at the intervals recommended by the CDC and have reservation gaps for additional cleaning measures. If you need access to our computer to retrieve media from past work, Email Our team sets up special appointments in case your work is on a computer that is not available on our regular appointments. Our staff will be happy to assist you when making a reservation.

Changed accessibility measures for GreenScreen recording space.Like our computer, this space can be reserved Book with LibCal Staff approval is required 48 hours in advance. Equipment and space use is always limited to up to two patrons, with a maximum video recording time of 1 hour and 30 minutes reserved for media search. Regular customers should always wear a mask, even while shooting.. There are no exceptions to this requirement. Regular customers are responsible for the operation of all equipment. The staff will set up the lights, backgrounds and cameras, but will not be actively present in the green screen area during recording. The subject will not be 3D scanned with the local Sense scanner until further notification is given. Priority is given to projects that require only photos that patrons do not need to remove masks or use microphones. Editing the media should be done as a separate reservation if it takes longer than the requested reservation time.

For faculty members who need assistance recording class materials or editing videos for online class applications Please email our team directly Therefore, you can schedule more than one or more appointments to meet your academic needs.

our Multimedia inkjet, Laser sculptor, Vinyl cutter, cricut Units have been moved on a request-by-request and on a case-by-case basis. Regular customers are not allowed to operate these services directly, but they can coordinate project completion with CPL staff on behalf of regular customers. To limit staff on campus, we only handle academic projects. At this time, there are no projects that require objects or media provided by patrons. To coordinate a project with CPL staff Please email our team directly..

The current use of lasers was for the explicit purpose of assisting faculty and students in creating home-based learning kits that enable distance learning.If the course you are taking or teaching will benefit from a custom cut project kit or equipment, please contact Our boss To see how we help.

Closed service

For the safety and health of all, our Virtual reality and augmented reality headsets Thoroughly cleaned and stored. Direct facial contact with shared devices over a long period of time in a closed area is simply too risky, even with enhanced cleaning measures.

Heat-pressed vinyl (T-shirts and other fabric products) is not available at this time due to the prolonged physical contact with the materials provided by our patrons. Heat presses are prone to unintended errors and personal belongings damage, so staff do not undertake these projects on behalf of patrons.

our Whisper booth and recording equipment Currently not available to patrons. Given the need to remove the mask, project aloud onto the porous surface, and completely confine it in a self-circulating microroom, there is currently no way to confirm the safe operation of this service.

For additional questions, project assistance, or special needs, please contact CPL Supervisor Charles Fisher (

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