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Comedy can be great on its own. However, in other cases, it is most effective to integrate it with other elements of oral communication to embody a memorable story.

“The best way to bomb at The Moth is to’stand up’,” says Jennifer Hixson, senior producer at The Moth, a series of storytelling events born of the bourbon fuel gathering of novelist George Dawes Green. A friend of mine when insects named for the event gathered around the light of the Dose pouch.

“The best stories often contain interesting and inspirational elements,” Hinson declares. And in the end, the storytellers who build a real relationship with the audience are doing well. The joke needs to be attached to the plot line and further action needs to be taken. Some funny sidelines are great, but most of the time jokes need to support the arc of the story. ”

The next Milwaukee event on The Moth’s mission to disseminate the art of storytelling and get people to talk to each other and discover commonalities is the latest StorySLAM at 8pm on Friday, May 27th, The Back. Room @ Colectivo (2211 N Prospect Avenue). Like other organized competitions, this SLAM is one of 28 competitions this season in 26 cities in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Moth participants may want to break the temptation to contribute for more than five minutes.

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Episode from live

“Moth producers act as timekeepers, usually playing some instrument as a warning. They make a sound in 5 minutes to let them know that the story needs to end, then in 6 minutes, the story. Indicates that the teller needs to end. Everyone is given a one minute grace period, but the penalty is up to the individual judging team, “Hixson said in his life at The Moss event. Describes the time constraints of those who share the episode.

Moth storytellers will be gathered at the venue to judge the story at Colectivo Story SLAM, just as they are chosen by removing their names from their hats before attending the event. These unpredictable factors of the night come together under the unified constant of the theme given for the night competition.

“Next Theme” is the Hixson note of the current SLAM tour. This is the prompt. Your favorite food, people, or “I need it now!” Multiple buttons. Indulge in beliefs or abstinence in difficulty! Sugar teeth, first desire … your desire hierarchy theory. Cucumber pickles and ice cream, who? The record of cravings in Colectivo will be hosted by Wisconsin’s current poet laureate, Dasha Kelly, and local longtime moth facilitator Christie Watson. Hixson praised both women, saying: They are fascinating and fascinating. “

Comedians also share stories

Future comedians who may think that moths will be a stepping stone to a punch-line-led career need to know that they work that way in at least some cartoons. “There are a lot of comedians who shared the story from our stage. Hasan Minhaj and Mike Birbiglia first talked personally at The Moss, not just for laughter. , Now we have started a huge career, “Hixson offers as an encouragement. He had already been established as a Milwaukee fixture by the time he went to the moth stage, but Hixson adds, “I remember John McGivern telling a story in Milwaukee in 2015.”

One of the things that has risen, and The Moth’s fostering personal story sharing, is a way to re-counter the disconnections that people may experience with the use of electronic media. Regarding her organization’s alternatives to such feelings of alienation, she states: “The rise of moths seems to intersect the rise of social media because people were anxious for real connections. Moths are empathy and humanity, sharing and listening to each other is ours. We say it’s the best way to find common ground and connections. ”

Hixson seems to be effectively evangelizing the moth’s mission when she is encouraging. “First, everyone has a story. Second, the audience plays an important role in SLAM, and in fact every storytelling event, so I don’t want to share the story in this next SLAM. Even if you can come, listen and join the jury. ”

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Here’s what moth storytelling should and shouldn’t do:

And this is Hixson’s own story from a moth event, its format allows for longer works, the theme is Blue in the Face, and all contributions contained smoke …

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