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On and off campus, the Teacher Education Department (TED) supports innovative math initiatives and partnerships.

Quality teacher preparation

As an undergraduate student seeking a math degree at UNO, Dario Gudino seized a unique opportunity to lead him into the field of education.

“I supported a class at the Metropolitan Community College (MCC), where the majority of students were ethnic minorities and struggled with math content,” said Brian High School’s math teacher, now. Dario, who graduated from the NebraskaMATH Oma Hanois Partnership, explained.

“I really enjoyed connecting with the students and enjoying what I was doing, and I also know that the students benefited from being with someone like me.”

With a $ 1.4 million grant from the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, UNO Neuss scholars receive scholarships, research opportunities, internships, and mentorship while cultivating in high-demand secondary schools. I am pursuing a career as a scholarship teacher. Bachelor’s degree graduates with a dual degree in mathematics and education.

“Our program is a student- and community-centric collaboration between MCC and UNO, with a focus on increasing the number of highly qualified secondary math teachers,” said Associate Professor and Grant. Kim’s senior researcher, Dr. Kelly Gomez Johnson, said.

“Success in college and beyond requires more than coursework. Our program creates a community of learners that support each other, the campus, and our community, with faculty and colleagues. We have a long-term network to rely on when starting an educational career.

Creating innovative courses

TED faculty are developing courses to connect UNO students to real-world applications in mathematics and STEM. The new course benefits both aspiring educators and students who meet general educational requirements.


In Dr. Derrick Nero’s Scientific Experiments and Engineering Design course, students work together to create near-space experiments that begin using high-altitude balloons.

“To teach others, you need to know how to do it yourself, so such classes are valuable to students and can provide a solid foundation in STEM practice.” Nero said.


Through a recent NSF grant, Dr. Michelle Friend has developed several general education mathematics courses. One new course incorporates service-learning, combining UNO students with local nonprofits to solve real-world organizational problems while developing key workforce skills such as data literacy and collaboration. Provide to students.

“Many students in general education math courses have a history of’math anxiety’and terrible experiences in math courses,” said a friend.

“People understand that the innovations in these courses at UNO are that math is fun and entertaining, provides the right and valuable skills in many situations, and can lead to great career opportunities. Useful for. “

Providing state-wide support

Throughout Nebraska, a new program is strengthening students’ understanding and awareness of mathematics and involves UNO. The Nebraska Math Readiness Project is a collaboration of 6 community colleges, 35 high schools, and UNO to help struggling high school students develop stronger math skills in front of college. The UNO team, led by CEHHS Associate Dean Neil Grangenette, oversees the state-wide program evaluation.


“We are in the early stages of the project, but it is on a good track,” Grandgenett said. “For example, only 7.9% of students passed the fractional test before joining the project, but 83% passed as the class progressed.”

Grand Genette continues. “Many students’ math preparation is a historical and national issue. Mathematics not only graduates from college, but also works well in many activities and professions such as cooking, construction, car work, nursing, etc. I need it. Developmental mathematics is everyone’s job. “

This story was published in the latest issue of the Annual Report of the Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences.

Creating a Culture of Math Readiness and Support | College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences Source link Creating a Culture of Math Readiness and Support | College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences

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