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Sacramento, CA — Alice McMenamin loves her home. It’s the place she shares with her husband and animals.

McMenamine has been living with multiple sclerosis since the 1990s. It may not have affected her psyche, but it has affected her ability to take care of herself.

McMenamin was forced to ask for help, but she was afraid to lose her freedom at home.

“It was very difficult,” she said.

Home care is expensive and in short supply. Kaiser Health News reported that home care institutions refused 40% of referrals due to a shortage of workers.

The shortage is due to burnout, low wages, and better wages and time being adopted by hospitals and other jobs. The median wage for home health workers is about $ 10 per hour.

According to industry research group PHI, there are more than 2 million home health workers, but the population aged 65 and over is expected to double by 2050 to nearly 90 million.

Increasing demand and decreasing supply have brought some creative solutions to the private sector.

Trina Kaplow is one of the founders of Alice Care, a new app-based home care provider. Similar to the ride-sharing app, clients can schedule help for tasks such as bathing, and authorized home care providers can choose to undertake the task.

“The difference is that traditional agencies require at least four hours, often multiple times a week, which can be very expensive and overkill,” says Kaplow.

“It’s very flexible and decides what to do now,” said Maria Vazquez of CNA, who works as an app provider.

In this great severance mindset of the economy where employees have more power, Vazquez believes that a flexible schedule is a game changer in a traditionally inflexible career.

“I have three children. I’m still in class. I’m applying to a nursing school. My life seems busy. That’s why I was attracted to it.” Vazquez said.

The industry is changing and healthcare is no exception. People like McMenamin are grateful that something is being done, as more creative solutions have been found to address the labor shortage.

“In the end, one of my complications will improve and make me better, but until then, I can’t win,” she said.

Creative solution to shortage of in-home healthcare workers Source link Creative solution to shortage of in-home healthcare workers

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