Creators of “Mare of Easttown” reveal that they are hindering Season 2

Does it live to the beginning?That’s one question Mare in East Town Author Blood Inglesby I’m facing when I’m thinking about whether HBO’s blockbuster series will return to the second season.

“If we can crack an equally great story, which brings justice to the character and continues the story in an organic yet amazing way, I want to do it.” Ingelsby told TVLine In a new interview. “I just don’t know what the story is. That’s the problem right now.”

Starring drama Kate Winslet, Jean smart And Julianne Nicholson, Last came In May after seven episodes and a murder mystery that followed Expand to the end..

On the way home The writer added, “I want the moment of a light bulb.” … [But] It may never happen. That is the reality. “

He continued. “We gave Mare a personal arc in which he had to face this loss of life, and had to build another emotional arc in which he could compete. .. [that]..And I’m also keenly aware of the dangers of doing Season 2 just because you have Season 2. [opportunity] To do that. I only want to do it if I’m sure there’s something great. “

Julianne Nicholson on “Easttown Mares” HBO

Winslet is completely in her part Open to do another season If your network supports it.

“I want to play Mare again. I miss her. It’s true. That’s the weirdest thing. The 45-year-old Oscar winner told TVLine last month.” It was an absolutely amazing role. She’s so ridiculous. Not, adorable, brilliant and authentic, Mare has something very addictive to me. I love to play her.. “

Titanic stars too New York Times About the role.

“Listen, I hope it by playing Mare as a middle-aged woman —I’ll be 46 in October — that’s why people have the same connections as this character, obviously because there’s no filter, ”she explained. “She is a fully functional, defective woman with a body and face that moves in a way that is synonymous with her age and life, and her hometown. We are a little hungry for it. I think.”

director Craig Zobel In May, he admitted that he had some interest in continuing the story in another season.

“if Enough fans are excited about it, I’m certainly fascinated by Mare Sheehan, and I wish we could see her more, “he said. insider At the time.

Easttown Mare is technically a limited series, but HBO’s Big Little Lies It was too. It was brought back to the sophomore season after the acclaimed first season.

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Creators of “Mare of Easttown” reveal that they are hindering Season 2

Source link Creators of “Mare of Easttown” reveal that they are hindering Season 2

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