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Washington, District of Columbia 2020-10-19 16:05:52 –

Rescue teams have issued warnings as there are “hot spots” colliding with the Capital Beltway in Maryland, and these areas are currently aiming to slow down drivers.

The main concern is the winding stretch between Georgia Avenue and River Road. Seven people were sent to the hospital after the crash on Sunday night.

Leaders in Montgomery County estimate that there have been 60 to 70 collisions in that section of the Beltway since the pandemic began.

“People seem to be driving faster because they can,” said Pete Pyringer of the Montgomery County Fire Rescue Team, saying traffic was a bit lighter than usual.

It’s not just the number of crashes that matters. It’s also severity. The image of the crash site is shocking and very annoying as it remains a problem even after repeated warnings.

According to Pilinger, multiple signs have been set up to warn the driver of all the twists and turns. Tractor trailer drivers are especially told to slow down.

“In fact, if you drive too fast, you won’t be able to read the signs, so I’d like to see more signs,” Pyringer said.

Some drivers said they were fully aware of the danger.

“That’s scary. People are moving fast and then they brake,” said driver Tiffany Shiy.

Commuter Angel Paredes explained that the driver was too fast.

“You always exceed the speed limit like 10, right?” Paredes said. “Still, there are people passing by, feeling like they’re standing in the middle of the freeway.”

In the event of these clashes, rescue teams will need to manipulate more space so that they can be spaced apart. This can mean more lane closures. Rescue teams also say that responding to these crashes during a pandemic increases the risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

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