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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – Steve Brewer’s writing career began as a journalist in high school and served for 22 years before publishing his first criminal novel in 1994. I switched from writing non-fiction to writing fiction, but I haven’t looked back since then.

His first novel, Lonely StreetWas made into a movie in 2009, starring Robert Patrick, Jay Mohr, and Joe Mantegna. His other book, Bank workIs currently under development as a feature film by the same director who made. Lonely Storyt.

Brewer worked for the Associated Press for 10 years, which was the first reason he led him to New Mexico. Having worked in the field of journalism for a long time, he called it a training ground for becoming a good fiction writer. “Many skills are translatable and transferable, from non-fiction to fiction. Good writing. Making it is how it works, “Brewer said.

He is currently teaching writing at Honors College. University of New MexicoOne of the things he emphasizes to his students in the writing group is to keep things simple. “Everything is rewriting, what is fiction,” Brewer said. “I tell people to throw it on the first draft page.”

Brewer, a veteran writer who has taken various paths to publishing, said the process changed over the course of his career. “In the past, it was really relevant and there was a lot of interaction between the author and the editor, but all of that has been reduced. Of course, there are many people, including myself, who publish at their own expense. People like this need readers and editors before they can publish, “says Brewer. “It was a good choice because I am married to the editor.”

Brewer said having a bookstore was his wife’s dream. In 2018, Brewer and his family opened Organic Books. It is their policy to sell books by local writers and help them set foot, supporting the New Mexico writing community. “We feel like a real success story here at Nobu Hill, because in this strangeness of the last few years, the store is getting better and better. We have more. I’m making money and selling more books.

Brewer, who has published at all levels, from major publishers to vanity presses, said he embraced the freedom and accessibility of vanity press. “Now it’s possible. If you have a book, it’s all over the world. It wasn’t when I started. I couldn’t bypass all the gatekeepers, but now it’s possible, “says Brewer.

Crime novelist focused on creating community with other writers Source link Crime novelist focused on creating community with other writers

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