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Dr. Jesse Huff, a faculty member during the day and an award-winning scholar at night UNO Criminology and Criminal Justice Faculty Recently, I was awarded a great honor. This honor happens to be the acceptance of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) into the 2021 Law Enforcement Promotion Data and Science (LEADS) Cohort.

According to NIJ, this program provides a unique opportunity to interact with mid-career police officers, law enforcement “citizens” and NIJLEADS scholars dedicated to promoting policing through science. Provide to scholars. Website.

The program is application-based and it is said that this year’s cohort has impressive applicants from all over the country. The application process included submitting a resume and a personal essay to discuss the experience of conducting an investigation in partnership with a police agency. We also needed support letters and contact information for current law enforcement practitioners with whom the applicant had previously collaborated on research projects.

Dr. Huff received an enthusiastic recommendation from Dr. Garyen Armstrong, Dean of the Department of Criminal Justice, and Michael Kurtenbach, Deputy Director of the Phoenix Police Department, served as a reference for practitioners. The work of Dr. Huff and Chief Kurtenbach scrutinized the evaluation of Phoenix police technology and strategy, including an evaluation of the camera he was wearing, an evaluation of the Crime Gun Intelligence Center, and an evaluation of Project Safe Neighborhood.

“Participating in the National Department of Justice’s LEADS Academics program is a great opportunity to build relationships with LEADS Scholars and LEADS Civilians, who represent numerous police organizations across the United States.” Says Dr. Jesse. Huff. “Forming these research partnerships will enable police agencies to implement and evaluate evidence-based policies and practices to better serve the community. Participation in LEADS is university and local. It is also a great opportunity to advance our engagement mission at UNO by providing a bridge to our police force. “

Dr. Huff is not the first member of the UNO community to join the LEADS program. Dr. Justin Nix, an associate professor of criminology and criminal justice, is the first cohort of the LEADS program and has received many prominent honors. UNO is said to be one of the only institutions in the United States that currently has two members in the LEADS program.

Jesse Huff’s Bio

Dr. Jesse Huff’s research revolves around assessing police programs and policies to improve police effectiveness and fair judicial administration. She has collaborated on several research projects with police agencies across the United States, including randomized controlled trials of wearing cameras, an intelligence approach to gun violence, and violence reduction strategies. Her research is funded through sources such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Experimental Criminology Journal, Quarterly police, When Crime and delinquency..

Criminal Justice Faculty Honored with National Recognition | College of Public Affairs and Community Service Source link Criminal Justice Faculty Honored with National Recognition | College of Public Affairs and Community Service

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