“Crisis to Crisis”: The moment when the historic parliament was defined

But when Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in late September, Republicans quickly fill their seats before elections that could cost President Trump, a majority of the Senate, or both. I decided to do that. Republicans abandoned the position that led them in 2016 to prevent President Barack Obama from filling vacant seats months before the election, and Amy introduced by Mr. Trump at a delight ceremony at the White House.・ We hurriedly pushed forward with the nomination of Judge Connie Barrett. Later, it was determined to be a superspreading event, and several senators were infected with the virus.

By the end of the 116th Congress, nearly 150 judges had been confirmed by the Supreme Court, Circuit Courts and District Courts across the country. All of these are young, conservative and have the potential to shape the interpretation of national law for decades. Some Republicans have begun to break up with Mr. Trump in hopes of what they believed would result in penal elections for their party, but as a result of years of loyalty to the president. Gathered enthusiastically to support his Supreme Court candidate.

According to the American Center for Women’s Political Science at Rutgers University, Republicans, including themselves, have won more than 12 victories, contrary to most expectations, with 29 women recorded in January.

It left Mr. Biden, who was soon declared victorious, with a majority in the House of Representatives and the Democratic Party of Japan dominated the Senate, subject to the results of two final votes in Georgia.

The contest’s political interests have shifted months of debate about providing pandemic bailouts to millions of unemployed Americans, small businesses, schools and hospitals across the country, shifting leaders to another package. Driven negotiations on.

Immediately after the November elections, a moderate group led by Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins and West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin III began working on a compromise framework, infuriating and enthusiastic. Brought to the final round of typical negotiations. They eventually generated a $ 900 billion deal and passed both houses a few days before Christmas.

Still, Mr. Trump threatened not to sign it, plunging the fate of the bill into uncertainty and refraining from the possibility of another government shutdown. Four days before the New Year began, he signed the law.

“I think the split of the government is an opportunity,” said Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski. “And it’s up to us how to pick it up and how to use it.”

“Crisis to Crisis”: The moment when the historic parliament was defined

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