‘Critical’ EMS shortage in Citrus County could lead to changes – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-09-09 17:48:37 –

Citrus County — Nature Coast EMS oversees ambulance and emergency care in Citrus County. However, the fire union says staffing is an important point.

Anthony Segin, a spokesman for a professional firefighter in Citrus County, said:

Nature Coast EMS states that much of the emergency care has been lost to neighboring counties at high salaries.

They say COVID also played a role.

“You are exposed to this virus watching people kill. You see the severity of their symptoms, and you never know when it will be you,” Nature said. Said Dan Brady, Captain of the Coast EMS Squadron.

Nature Coast EMS tracks the starting salary of everyone else in the Bay Area. Currently, they are demanding more money from the Citrus County Commission to increase payments by 40%.

“You don’t get EMS discounts. And you see all the neighboring counties. Paramedics and paramedics had enough. They want to be paid properly. “.

However, the County Commission is also considering handing over control of ambulance services to the fire department.

“Firefighters in the county want systems and services that do not need to return to this situation, where they can claim the safety of their citizens and provide them with the level of service they deserve,” Segin said.

The fire department has its own paramedics that make service calls. However, they cannot take the patient to the hospital.

The County Commission was able to decide what to do at the meeting on Tuesday.

‘Critical’ EMS shortage in Citrus County could lead to changes Source link ‘Critical’ EMS shortage in Citrus County could lead to changes

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