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‘Critical labor shortage’ declared in 14 CCSD staff positions – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-06-24 00:59:58 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Another Clark County School District Board of Angry Speakers focused on the district’s high teacher availability as an important issue that students need to address before returning to class in the fall. Attracted another round.

John Rougen has taught around the world for 50 years and said he is about to return to CCSD diving, but he suspects district leaders may not be able to deal with the massive outflow of talent from schools. I was worried.

“It’s insane,” said Le Jean, “and it can’t get any better, and they don’t seem to have a plan.”

Legend and many others are concerned that staff shortages may reduce the safety of students and staff, as payments in the district are uncompetitive and violence is increasing at the end of the school year. Said that.

“That’s why I don’t go to middle school and high school,” he said. “These children are rampant.”

The Board of Trustees voted to label 14 positions, including educators, counselors, etc., as “significant labor shortages,” with one in ten workers quitting their jobs each year for the past two years. increase.

Director Jesus Jara acknowledged the issue of wear in a message sent to the Board of Trustees.

“This is one of the biggest burnouts of the day,” Jara said.

He blamed many factors, including pandemic stress and reduced national labor force participation.

“There are jobs available, not just in the classroom, but not just in the school, but in the entire workforce,” says Jara.

District officials said 26 schools, primarily in North Las Vegas, have vacancy rates of over 20%.

79% of the students in those schools were African-American or Hispanic.

“We are tackling challenges and crises that need to be addressed,” Jara said.

The school district has planned to address school district staffing issues, including promoting recent salary increases, exploring new accreditation channels, and providing incentives for new employees working in the 26 schools where staff are most needed. ..

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