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Read the pros and cons reviews of the anti-bullying drama from Dochester.

Mark Wahlberg, right, and lead mirror of “Joe Bell”. Quantrell D. Colbert / Roadside attractions

When he made his debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2020, Mark Wahlberg’s anti-bullying drama was known as “Good Joe Bell.”Roadside attractions following a mid-decent review at the festival I decided to recut the movie Drop “Good” and change the title to “Joe Bell” only.

Is there anything good about “Joe Bell”?

Based on a true story, Wahlberg plays his father, Joebel, who doesn’t know how his son Jadin (Lead Miller) will react when he comes out as gay. When Jadin committed suicide due to relentless bullying at school, Joe embarked on a cross-country walk from his home in Oregon to New York City, raising awareness and understanding his own shortcomings.

At the time of publication of this article, “Jobel” 39% freshness rating At Rotten Tomatoes, that number includes critics who saw previous cuts in the film last fall. (Post-festival recuts are not uncommon, and it’s unclear exactly how important the “Jobel” change from its September debut to the present is.)

That said, a single number doesn’t adequately capture the range of important responses, and many of the reviews coded as “fresh” or “rotten” by critical aggregate sites are a bit more nuanced. I have. Here’s what top film critics say about “Jobel”, both good and bad, to help you decide whether to go to the theater for Wahlberg’s latest film.

Good things

In the summary of his TIFF review, Critic Dwight Brown He praised Wahlberg’s performance as his career best and predicted future Oscar nominations from Dochester.

“Most of Mark Wahlberg’s performances are tied to a super-masculine role ( Fighter; Bounty hunter Transformers: The Age of Extinction). In this inspiring and soothing family drama, interpreting an Oregon father in search of reimbursement allows him to perform the most hierarchical, nuanced and delicate performance ever. “

IndieWire’s Kate Erbland He gave “Jobel” a B +, overturned its ancient narrative path, and acknowledged the film’s achievements in finding something that appealed to him in a quiet moment... “

“Although its face is stereotyped, Green’s film resists the kind of obvious cinematic catharsis expected of such a story, and as a result, is mostly the final product that gets an emotional beat. . “


Vanity Fair Richard Lawson He explained his complex feelings about Wahlberg’s performance, citing his view as a film critic who was bullied by growing up as gay in Boston.

“The fact that Joe is played by Wahlberg gives the film a strange additional dimension. Wahlberg has some mysteries about gay people in his long career as a musician and actor. Or completely biased. […] His appearance in this film is a seemingly pure act of will, perhaps intended to reflect an evolving personal spirit, and has gained some unpleasant respect. Again, that may not be enough, but it’s something. Walberg’s performance has a self-consciousness that fits its role. “

Mark Feeney in The Boston Globe He gave “Joe Bell” a 2.5 star and praised Wahlberg for being more emotional in his performance than all previous films combined, but panned the script and official scenario.

“The heart of the movie is in the right place, and frankly, it can be a little annoying to watch. Moral righteousness makes the world a better place, but not in the movie.” Note the movie protagonist, “The truth is everything I have.” Also, be aware of the scriptwriters who give such lines. “


Variety of Peter de Bruges Calling the movie “uniquely terrible,” he panned Reinaldo Marcus Green, director of “Joe Bell.” For making a feature film on a topic that would have worked better “as a 90-second news brief.”

“There is a good movie, there is a bad movie, then there is” Joe Bell “. This is a peculiar terrible treatment of an important topic that is widely described as “inclusiveness” and “tolerance” by the film’s barbaric protagonist (Mark Wahlberg). — Its arrogant title is the first clue that it isn’t being played fairly. “

The New York Times Jeannette Catsoulis The film turned Jadin into a “sentimental gimmick” and criticized him as “much less interested” in the suffering of teenage characters than his father.

“In general, spectators don’t go to the movies and see unpretentious people engaging in boring pursuits, and this year Mark Wahlberg will be the title character for” Joe Bell “all over the United States. I’ve rarely seen movie scenes that are more boring than walking around.

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