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CrossFit Game Domination Secrets: Korean Bobsleigh

How far has the four-time female CrossFit Games champion been to stay in top shape and defend her title?From Tennessee to South Korea Australian women bobsleigh team..

Tear Claire Tomy’s home gym in Nashville was closed due to a coronavirus pandemic last winter. That made Australian natives creative.

28-year-old Toomey says bobsleigh is a complement to CrossFit. Strength, power, and speed are required to propel a sled weighing more than 450 pounds from the starting blocks. She wants to weightlift the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics and make her second Olympic appearance on the bobsleigh team. 2022 winter olympic games In Beijing.

She had to quarantine when she arrived in Seoul In her small hotel room 14 days. She relied on many burpees and rowing machines for maintenance. When she gets home, she usually trains 10-12 hours a day under the guidance of her husband and coach Shane Or.

CrossFit Games is a fierce competition for several days. The event will be kept secret until just before the contest begins. Events may include handstand walks, deadlifts, sledding, and more. “We need to be prepared for the unknown,” says Toomey. His training includes everything from speed work and rope climbing to muscle up, a combination of pull-ups and triceps.

CrossFit Game Domination Secrets: Korean Bobsleigh

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