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Miami, Florida 2021-04-21 14:00:00 –

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on Tuesday for fixing George Floyd on the pavement with his knees on the neck of a black man.

45-year-old Chauvin could be sent to jail for decades.

People who were overjoyed by the ruling flooded the streets around downtown after hearing the news. The cars rang the corners and people waved flags and ran through the traffic.

Floyd’s family gathered in a Minneapolis conference room and heard cheers from the next room as each verdict was read.

Six whites and six black or multi-ethnic juries voted after about 10 hours of deliberation over a two-day period. Chauvin was convicted of two unintentional murders, three murders, and two manslaughter charges.

His face was hidden by a COVID-19 mask, and there was little reaction behind his eyes sprinting around the courtroom.

London Williams, 31, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, burst into tears in Washington after hearing that former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder.

His bail was quickly revoked and he was taken away with his hands behind his back. Sentence is within 2 months.

When the judge asked the jury if he had reached the verdict, he calmed down to a crowd of 300 people in the park next to the courthouse, and people listened to the minutes on their cell phones. When the final conviction was announced, the crowd barked, many hugged and wept.

At the intersection where Floyd was pinned, the crowd shouted, “Go down one and go three!” – References to three other dismissed Minneapolis police officers who were tried in August for aiding and aiding murder with Floyd’s death.

There was immediate reaction from around the world, including The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

“I hope this conviction begins to show that white supremacy cannot win. What role white supremacy plays in democracy, especially in democracy that is supposed to guarantee our freedom to live. I can’t stand it. “

People cheered

People cheered after being convicted in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for George Floyd’s 2020 death in Minneapolis.

“But let’s also make it clear that our loved ones will not come back. George Floyd cannot be regained. His daughter and family must grow up without him. He Family continues his legacy through the George Floyd Memorial Foundation, “added the statement. “We heal the past, rethink the present, and continue to invest in the future of black life.”

The NAACP has distributed the following statement: “Justice landed Derek Chauvin behind the bar for killing George Floyd, but the amount of justice does not bring back Janna’s father. Reasonable police officers suffocate an unarmed man. A rational judicial system would recognize its roots in white supremacy and end a limited immunity, just as it would never let you. Police are here to protect, not lynch. We will not rest until all of our community has the right to breathe. The Derek Chauvin chapter may be closed, but of police accountability and respect for the lives of blacks. The battle for is not over yet. “

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison called today’s conviction in the Derek Chauvin case the first step.

“But we don’t call today’s verdict justice because justice means true recovery, but it’s accountability and it’s the first step towards justice,” he said. “Since the investigation and prosecution of this case began in May last year, everyone involved has pursued one goal: justice. We have pursued justice wherever it leads. I am the case. When I became Chief Prosecutor, I asked for time and patience to review the facts, collect evidence, and prosecute the killing of George Floyd as the law allows. I would like to thank the community for making the job possible. That long, hard and painstaking task culminates today, “said Ellison.

Philonyse Floyd

George Floyd’s brother Philonise Floyd wiped his eyes at a press conference after the verdict was read at Derek Chauvin’s trial.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz called the ruling “an important step forward for justice,” but there is still work to be done. He goes on to say: “Too many blacks have lost their lives and continue to lose by the hands of our state law enforcement agencies. Our color community cannot continue this way. Our police officers Can’t continue this way. Our state can’t go this way. And the only way it can change is through systematic reforms. We are law enforcement agencies and they We must rebuild, restore, and rethink our relationships with the communities we serve. We face racial inequality in every corner of society, from health to homeownership and education. We need to work. We must gather around a common humanity. Let’s continue this march towards justice. “

Cup hood

People gather at Cup Foods after being convicted in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for George Floyd’s death in 2020.

The President and Vice President watched the decision with the staff.

Convicted, President Biden spoke to Waltz. The President, Vice President Kamala Harris, and First Lady Jill Biden also spoke with Philonise Floyd in the Oval Office.

Floyd’s family lawyer Ben Crump confirmed the news and thanked them for their support.

Florida Congressman Frederica Wilson said: They believed that their eyes and justice were superior. I was also relieved by the Floyd family, who have acted with extraordinary courage and elegance through this ordeal …. Of course, one favorable result is the exemption of our entire criminal justice system or hundreds It does not indicate the mistakes that all people have opposed. It was justice last year. But it gives us hope that the long arc of the moral universe is now bending towards justice. “

Crowds chant ‘justice’ after Chauvin guilty verdict | News Source link Crowds chant ‘justice’ after Chauvin guilty verdict | News

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