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Boston (WHDH)-Boston (AP) — Boston citizens lined up at the country’s oldest stadium on Saturday were much more focused on ballot boxes than on batter’s boxes.

Hundreds of people voted for Fenway Park. Fenway Park is used by city officials in place of indoor venues during a pandemic.

Voter Rob Cohen said it was a 3-minute walk from the nearest polling place, but decided to take the bus for 20 minutes and line up for 45 minutes to vote for the famous stadium.

“That was two things I loved very much: democracy and baseball,” said an avid Red Sox fan after visiting the park for the first time this year.

Fenway Park was one of Boston’s 10 locations where residents could vote on Saturday, when early voting began throughout the state. The state’s early voting will continue until October 30, but Fenway Park will only be used as a place for early voting this weekend.

The stadium offered a unique experience compared to other polling stations in Massachusetts.

A Red Sox spokeswoman, Zineb, said, “This is the first time we’ve voted early in Boston or opened Fenway Park to vote of all kinds, so partnering with the city in this regard. I’m really excited about it. ” Callan.

The player has been away for a long time since the 60-game season is over. At that time, residents were unable to enter the stands or on Saturdays. Instead, a crowd of bright voters started in one side of the park and formed a meandering line toward the other.

Voters were able to get a glimpse of the field after filling out ballots at the concourse and leaving Landsdawn Street.

The stadium is both outdoor and covered, providing a safe voting area during a pandemic and providing adequate ventilation and protection from the elements.

Despite providing a polling place, the Red Sox organization stuck to baseball and stayed away from politics. “We just want people to exercise their voting rights,” Karan said.

Voters were encouraged to wear masks, which were provided to those who needed them. However, no one was denied because the goal was to provide access to those who wanted to vote.

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