Crowds honor Boulder Officer Eric Talley — killed in King Soopers shooting — during Tuesday procession – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-03-30 12:36:46 –

Some have personal ties to the Boulder police, others just wanted to show their support. But on Tuesday morning, they gathered in a large crowd and saw a procession of Boulder police officer Eric Tally, who was killed in a shooting at Boulder on March 22.

Tally 10 people killed in shooting at Boulder King Supers last week. Tally slammed into the line of fire and died The district attorney of Boulder County said the day after the shooting, simply to save those who were going shopping for groceries.

Eric’s father, Shay Tally, Called his son a brave man of honesty and faith Someone who has always done the right thing.

The procession on Tuesday left Thornton at 9:50 am, headed north on Interstate 25 from 104, and left Highway 7 west. Then turn south on 119th North and west on East South Boulder Road to reach the Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette. More than 500 law enforcement agencies from around the country joined the procession, according to Boulder police.

A memorial service for Boulder police officer Eric Tally follows the procession and begins around 11:00 am. Denver7 runs the service on the air and livestreams it online.

Boulder Police Station and CU Boulder Police Station have added the names of 10 victims to their patrol vehicles for the procession.

Paul Carey was one of the many people who came to see the procession. His wife is a Boulder police officer. He said he had never met Tally, but he had previously spoken to him on the phone.

“I saw other police officers I knew from my wife and Boulder last week, and they are all grieving,” Carrie said. “Tally officer was a great man and a great dad. He didn’t become a police officer until he was 40, because he wanted to help people.”

He said it would be difficult for his wife, who announced her retirement about a week before the shooting, to go to the police.

“She’s convinced she didn’t see another colleague die until this happened,” Carrie said.

He said it was encouraging to see police agencies from all over the state and neighboring states coming to Tally’s procession on Tuesday.

“The police are fraternity. They all have their backs on each other,” he said. They didn’t know Tally officer, but they are here to assist his family and the Boulder police station. That is wonderful. “

He said it was important to remember that “99.9%” of police were good and affectionate people, and many had families.

“They are trying to do the best they can,” he added. “And we really need to support them more than we do.”

Bill Wreck of Thornton was also along the way to see the procession. Both his son and daughter were Boulder police officers and knew Tally.

He asked what happened on March 22nd and said he was scared to know that his son was working that day. But he was also impressed with the turnout on Tuesday.

“I knew this was great, and it is,” he said looking at the procession with other people around him.

Michael Truss said he was in line on Tuesday in honor of Tally. He said he was grateful that Tally kept the community safe as long as he did.

“He did a great job. The police aren’t getting enough support. And this is the bare minimum we can do to support him.”

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Boulder police station and district attorney Updated civilians about the March 26 incidentExplain that they are still in the early stages of investigation and are seeking motivation.

Crowds honor Boulder Officer Eric Talley — killed in King Soopers shooting — during Tuesday procession Source link Crowds honor Boulder Officer Eric Talley — killed in King Soopers shooting — during Tuesday procession

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