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Crowds reveal ‘new lease on life’ at The Paseo’s First Friday – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-06-05 21:20:09 –

Oklahoma City (Free press) — The gallery opened its doors this weekend as artistic Oklahoma City residents gathered in the historic Paseo Arts District.

The familiar summer heat of Oklahoma attended the Paseo’s first Friday event in June, defeating what must have been one of the biggest face-to-face events in Oklahoma City. From clothing to pottery, paintings and poetry, the neighborhood was full of new and exciting things.

Outside, there are many familiar faces such as the freshly baked country girl kitchen and the poetic city where talented poets line up.

Creativity and color

The interior Paseo Art and Creativity Center was adorned with paintings by George Oswald, John Wolf, Mary Lee Wright and Jean Jeffrey.

Jeffrey’s paintings reflected the Native American heritage of Oklahoma in bright colors and geometric themes, seeking to explore “the unidentified history of the Anasazi people and the lost lands of the indigenous peoples of Oklahoma.”

In another room, Oswalt, Wolf, and Wright exhibited their work together.

Oswalt’s paintings analyze the “turning point of life” with bold colors and bold themes.

Wolfe’s work is primarily sculptural, with rustic tones and shades that contrast with the work of other artists.

Finally, Wright’s paintings are a beautiful festival of colors, painted in alcoholic ink, which is notorious for being difficult to control. All artists will continue to be on display at the Paseo until the end of June.

Together, these artists provide elegant insights into the artistic world of Oklahoma City, which is growing in particular.


The most attractive part of First friday, But it’s an obvious joy. This first Friday followed the CDC’s updated masking guidance and rosy images of Oklahoma vaccination rates.

Amanda Brigley, Executive Director of the Paseo Art and Creativity Center, describes the environment as follows:

The long-awaited summer of 2021 has begun in Paseo with the opening of restaurants and bars nearby.

With First Friday, this summer will be unique. As Bleakley says, Oklahoma City is slowly regaining “the comfort we are accustomed to.”

Of course, even if the excitement swallows the city, you need to be careful. Bleakley emphasized that paseo stores do not require masks indoors, but masks are welcome.

But with care, it does not diminish the happiness that a patiently earned summer brings. Paseo’s First Friday is an auspicious event that repeats at the First Friday in July and August and the Paseo Art Festival in September.

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Crowds reveal ‘new lease on life’ at The Paseo’s First Friday Source link Crowds reveal ‘new lease on life’ at The Paseo’s First Friday

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