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Washington >> President Joe Biden enters an important two weeks for his ambitious agenda and argues ahead of both domestic deadlines and the opportunity to showcase his administration’s achievements on the global stage. We are competing to end the target parliamentary negotiations.

Biden and his fellow Democrats are struggling to fill the division within the party by the end of the month to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill and a larger social welfare package. The president hopes that the Air Force will nail both for two global leader summits, including the most ambitious climate change conference in years, before leaving for Europe on October 28. increase.

But that goal is endangered by fractures among Democrats, jeopardizing the fate of a radical new effort promised to tackle climate change. There are also concerns within the party about the Governor’s dispute in Virginia and the impending Senate battle over federal debt limits and government funding that could prevent him from crossing the finish line to the president’s agenda. It is increasing.

Biden is after a difficult stretch characterized by the end of the turbulent Afghanistan war, long-standing diplomatic spats with allies, and the surge in the COVID-19 case, which rocked the country’s economic recovery and plunged his votes. , Trying to stabilize the president.

His team will continue to work well during the campaign and earlier this year, blocking external noise and staying focused on a single mission. This time, we’re going through a two-part package that provides the Democratic Party with a platform. It will be carried out in the midterm elections next year.

“These bills, in my view, are literally about competitiveness and self-satisfaction, opportunities and decline, and leading the world or keeping the world moving for us,” Biden said in Connecticut law. Said on Friday while promoting.

But under the White House’s patience plea, there is something that reminds people that difficult things can take time, and there is a sense of urgency that transactions need to be done quickly.

For the White House, there are clear target dates, such as the deadline for transportation funds at the end of the month and Biden’s future overseas travel. But there are also more abstract obligations. Proving that Democrats can fulfill their promises to voters and protecting Biden’s declining political capital.

With new urgency, the government recently signaled Capitol Hill that it was time to conclude negotiations and that an agreement needed to be reached, two people who spoke anonymously because they were not allowed. Discuss private conversations publicly, according to White House officials. Biden himself has expressed impatience, and officials said this week he plans to increase his own personal efforts to encourage lawmakers to find a compromise and bring the bill to vote.

Westwing officials remain optimistic that a final agreement will be reached, but messy and protracted negotiations have clouded Biden’s tangible interests in offering voters. There is also a concern.

When Biden traveled to Hartford, Connecticut last week, he sought to address some of them to showcase initiatives to significantly reduce the cost of early childhood care.

Even Democratic leaders are divided in the best way to shrink the overall price tag on the package in order to get more votes. Biden prefers to include all wishlist suggestions on Friday, but said he would shorten the length of the program to reduce costs. His idea is that future Congress can vote later to extend the programs that Americans find popular.

But a few days ago, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi proposed the opposite tactic — approving a narrower set of programs to last longer.

Some Democrats have encouraged the passage of bipartisan infrastructure contracts by October 31, even if the larger social welfare package is not resolved.

The fate of climate change is especially dangerous.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s opposition to a program aimed at accelerating the transition of the nation from fossil fuels seeks US leadership on this issue at the World Congress in Scotland. Immediately before, it threatens the heart of Biden’s plan to combat climate change.

The very thin margins of the Democrats in both houses empowered individual members such as Manchin, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a nasty fellow member, and the White House. White House aides have not abandoned their clean energy programs, but officials said they are looking for alternatives to combine policy combinations to reduce emissions.

Abandoning the provisions, Glasgow’s Biden not only fights climate change, but as an important opportunity to reassert US leaders on this issue after a four-year cut under President Donald Trump. You may be injured at the administration’s summit. The United States will make a big mark on rallies, including former President Barack Obama, but risks lagging behind European countries that have taken more concrete steps to reduce emissions.

Biden’s stop in Scotland in early November follows his participation in the summit of world leaders in Rome. However, China’s decision to skip the rally by Chinese President Xi Jinping (delaying the first meeting between the leaders of the two superpowers) could reduce their relevance. Still, Byden said Emmanuel Macron of France, as a man is trying to repair the relationship after a U.S. submarine contract with Australia terminated the French contract and forced the French to temporarily withdraw their ambassador from Washington. It is expected to meet the President in Italy.

The November 2 governor’s election in Virginia is also imminent. This is seen as a referendum for Democrats to retrain Biden and next year’s parliamentary dominance.

Former Governor Terry McAuliffe is trapped in a closer-than-expected competition with Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin in the state where Biden won 10 points last year.

McCorriff has been surprisingly publicized in criticisms of the administration’s legislative strategy, urging Democrats to pass infrastructure bills and show voters something before the election day. White House officials personally hope that McCorriff will emerge with a small win and believe that concerns about a lower than expected margin of victory can be ignored.

But tight results, or Yonkin’s victory, could rattle uncertain Democrats about Biden’s political coattail, potentially reducing the chances of a dangerous vote on his agenda, and the mid-term. Will boost Republicans heading for.

Crunch time for Biden who faces critical next 2 weeks for agenda Source link Crunch time for Biden who faces critical next 2 weeks for agenda

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