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Cuee’s ‘Gravity’ brings a ‘love is in the air’ vibe – Kansas City, Missouri

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Rapper Quis Wright, named Cuee, has been a staple of the Lawrence scene for the past five years, playing regularly in the city and dropping mixtapes. His latest, gospel, Officially released at the early show at the Replay Lounge on Saturday, May 8th.

This is part of celebrating the resurgence of live music by I Heart Local Music and we are pleased to bring you the latest single-off. gospel, “Gravity”, featuring Lindsey Alderman. Looking back on where Wright was last year, Check out our premiere For this “Who’s Back” video, check out “Gravity” below while reading the email Q & A with the rapper.

Pitch: How did you get to work with Lindsey?

Quis Wright: Lindsey and I shared the stage many times with bottlenecks and liberty. She always invites me to play with her, so I thought it was time to sing along. I was thinking of a song, so I need a vocalist for her sound. So I contacted her on her website and said, “Oh, I got this track you think you sound dope: listen and let me know.” She reacted immediately and was in favor of it. As for “Gravity”, my song idea was happy and fun, with a “love is in the air” type of atmosphere. It reflects my beginning of 2021 and you know I love spreading the message. I also needed to add love to the album. There is also brightness.

What was the process of putting together an album (for example, how long did it take, where did you record it, etc.)?

To be honest, it was a long process. I started rewriting some of the songs in this project in 2017 and worked on them to fit my story, including renaming and pronouns. The other songs are of the “This is in progress on the album.” Type. I wanted this album to have a lot of different sounds, which I think is a testament to my personality. It fits anywhere.

I recorded it several times, but I was waiting for my voice to start staying at a certain level. In the meantime, I contacted other artists I would like to collaborate with. This album includes features by Lindsey Alderman, Royal Chief and Joel Leoj. These all have different sounds.Of course I went home [to Chicago] Record this album. I recorded with the engineers I used in the last two projects and worked with new engineers on some tracks. Going home has always been an atmosphere for me and it’s the place where I can record most comfortably.

Are you excited about the live show again? What did you do last?

I am ready. I’m excited about the past and ready to play again. I miss the stage, I miss the live concert, and I miss the fun. The last live show I played was in November 2019 at Liberty Hall with Lindsey Alderman.

Cuee’s release party gospel Saturday, May 8th at the Replay Lounge, after which we will approach the deck.Details of the show Here..

Cuee’s ‘Gravity’ brings a ‘love is in the air’ vibe Source link Cuee’s ‘Gravity’ brings a ‘love is in the air’ vibe

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