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New York — I have never blamed Governor Andrew Cuomo for the death toll of COVID-19 in New York. The virus has killed more than 50,000 people, including the current known death toll of more than 15,500 among nursing home residents. On March 25, 2020, an executive order requiring nursing homes to accept new or returning residents, whether COVID-19 positive or not, was desperate to maintain the hospital. He accepted and accepted Kuomo’s allegation that it was a well-meaning act of the governor. Because it is overwhelmed by the proliferation of viruses, as opposed to malicious ones.

Also, in June and July last year, the state methodology for counting COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes was significantly underestimated because it did not include residents who died in hospitals. When it became clear, I didn’t anticipate any bad motives.

But it is now undoubtedly clear that Cuomo and his aides attempted to thwart a timely, complete and honest explanation of these deaths. I was deeply ashamed of him and them.

When the New York Times found a drafted but unpublished report and interviewed state health officials, Dr. Howard Zucker and DOH, contrary to last year’s allegations that Cuomo and his aides interfered with the public. It became clear that the staff was not needed. More time to count the dead. They clearly recognized a much higher number of nursing home deaths than originally reported in June and kept them close to the best until they were cleared by the proceedings.

The Health Department’s report, which was actively massaged by Kuomo’s aides on July 8, 2020, contained clearly inaccurate data points indicating low mortality at COVID-19 nursing homes in New York. The fact that it was, is even more fascinating by deception. Percentage of deaths from COVID-19 than in all but four other states. Cuomo proudly repeated his defensive claims and found the way in his memoirs about the pandemic published last October.

Cuomo’s senior aide claims that they were simply keen on accuracy. The claim fails the odor test.

— New York Daily News

Cuomo’s obfuscation looks more egregious by the day – Twin Cities Source link Cuomo’s obfuscation looks more egregious by the day – Twin Cities

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