CureVac drops Covid vaccine to focus on new jabs at GSK

German biotechnology CureVac has abandoned its first coronavirus vaccine candidate and is focusing on the more promising second-generation jab being developed in collaboration with UK pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.

Company executives told the Financial Times that they had withdrawn their application to the European Medicines Agency for the approval of the first vaccine regulator.

CEO Franz Warner Haas said EMA approval for the first candidate had not been made by September 2022. At that point, GSK-backed second-generation vaccines may be ready.

Jab, developed at GSK, has shown better results in early-stage animal studies and appears to elicit 10 times more antibodies than the first vaccine.

“Time plays a role here,” Haas said. “We decided to move to a more effective vaccine and refocus on the second generation, rather than being very slow in the first generation.”

CureVac and GSK are trying to develop a vaccine that can target multiple coronavirus variants at once, aiming for co-production of coronavirus and influenza jab.

CureVac officials also said that their decision to use unmodified messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) could have put them at a disadvantage to rivals who marketed the first mRNA vaccine. I admitted. BioNTech has partnered with Pfizer and US-based Moderna to bring the first vaccine using modified mRNA to market.

With more resources and GSK experts, CureVac believes Phase 3 results will come sooner this time. This study compares the immune response of a vaccine to an approved vaccine, rather than conducting a large study in the placebo group.

However, the decision to remove the first candidate also means that CureVac’s pre-purchase agreement with the EU will be cancelled.

After the initial excitement, CureVac lags behind its rivals during the pandemic. With sufficient state funding, this small mRNA company chose to work alone on the development of the coronavirus vaccine instead of partnering with a major pharmaceutical partner. It initially condemned the disappointing results of spreading more than 15 strains of coronavirus that competitors did not face in previous trials.

CureVac drops Covid vaccine to focus on new jabs at GSK

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