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Written by John Charles Robins August 17, 2021


Florida Power & Light (FPL) is about to launch a multi-million dollar expansion project from Virginia Key. Ultimately, the project will be borne by the customer.

The company provided details of the project to the Virginia Key Advisory Board. Attending was David Weda, an FPL engineer.

Pressured by the total cost of the project by board members, Mr. Weda said it would be over $ 10 million.

According to Weda, the project will include expanding an existing substation in Virginia Key and adding another transmission line from Port Miami to Miami Beach in Virginia Key under Biscayne Bay and Dodge Island.

The project schedule is subject to change, but now the project is approved this summer, civil engineering work is underway towards the end of the year, electrical work is set in early 2022, and a new line in late 2022. Will be up and running. Weda told the board.

The project’s PowerPoint states that it plans to launch the service in the second quarter of 2022.

The Virginia Key substation is located in the Miami-Dade County wastewater treatment facility in the center of the island, west of the facility.

Weda said: “This project will provide another connection to the substation, provide redundancy for the substation, and enhance service to the area surrounding Virginia Key.

“The Virginia Key area has (FPL) underground power lines from downtown to Key Biscayne, Virginia Key, and Miami Beach. There is a substation on McCarther Causeway. This is the Virginia Key substation circuit. increase.”

“There are some projects in the area that will be working on other parts of the line. During those projects, our service will be a bit at risk. That’s why we are. It’s one. I’m anxious to build this project, “he told the board.

New transmission lines will be installed using horizontal drill (HDD) technology to cross the North Channel, Port Miami, South Strait, and Biscayne Bay.

The project will add a third transmission feed to the Virginia Key substation and will require some expansion within the easement area.

In addition, new transformers and feeders will be added to support Key Biscayne.

No work will be done at Port Miami as the new line (cable) will pass under Dodge Island for more than 100 feet.

According to the presentation, the project does not require any interruption in customer service.

Weda said: Drill rigs are located on both the Virginia Key side and the Terminal Island side, moving from highlands to highlands. “

He added: “Contractors and cable suppliers have been identified. Obviously, this project needs coordination with both the county and the city, as both are stakeholders in this area.”

The processing plant is owned by the county, and the surrounding area, which is the majority of Virginia Key, is owned by the city of Miami.

Lamell McMorris, a new member of the advisory board, asked Weda about the cost of the project and whether a third-party contractor would work with the FPL to install new underwater transmission lines and related work.

When McMorris first asked about costs, Weda said: right. “

McMorris replied: So who will pay for it? “

“Other projects in the county will be borne by our payers, so the cost of this project will be borne by the payers,” Weda replied.

McMorris asked if government stakeholders would pay for any of the jobs.

“Therefore, the city of Miami isn’t, and the county isn’t asked to fund this project. No. This is done for reliability and redundancy,” Weda said.

Weda, who was under pressure on the cost of the project, said: I can tell you that. “

“It looks really conservative. Did you say $ 10 million?” McMorris asked.

“It’s over $ 10 million. Yes, Sir,” said Weda.

Customers to fund $10 million FPL Virginia Key expansion Source link Customers to fund $10 million FPL Virginia Key expansion

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