Cyber ​​attacks shut down major US pipeline systems

After a cybersecurity attack on Friday, a critical US fuel pipeline was shut down in an incident highlighting a critical US infrastructure vulnerability.

The Colonial Pipeline, the largest refined product pipeline in the United States, went offline after an operator stated that he was a “victim of a cybersecurity attack” late Friday.

“In response, we aggressively took certain systems offline to contain the threat, which temporarily stopped all pipeline operations and affected some IT systems,” Colonial said. The pipeline company says. He added that he had contracted with a third-party cybersecurity company to investigate the case and contacted law enforcement and federal agencies.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Department of Energy did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The attack occurred after last year’s SolarWinds attack, amid growing concerns about cybersecurity vulnerabilities in critical US infrastructure. In this attack, Russian hackers gained access to government agencies such as the US Department of Commerce and the Treasury.

The colonial pipeline did not state how long the interruption of the operation would last and did not provide details about the nature of the attack.

According to the company, the colonial pipeline transports over 100 million gallons of fuel daily, supplying markets such as Atlanta, Washington and New York with refined fuel along the Gulf of Mexico coast.

pipeline shut down Much of the 2017 network after Tropical Cyclone Harvey.Part of the conduit Got offline 2016 after the leak was discovered.

Cyber ​​attacks shut down major US pipeline systems

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