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Portland, OregonPortland Tribune) — The District Attorney of Clackamas County generally follows a screening procedure that includes multiple verbal signs that Jamel Madison Jr., who died of suicide, is planning a recent diagnosis of schizophrenia and self-harm. I decided that I was imprisoned in a group.

The 23-year-old Madison died as a result of suicide rather than criminal murder, according to a survey completed in August by the Clackamas County Serious Crime Team, which directs Oregon City police.

A young man from Milwaukee was initially unresponsive in a cell in Clackamas County Prison during regular security checks around 2:15 pm on June 28, according to a DA report obtained by the Pamplin Media Group. It turned out to be.

Madison was reportedly temporarily resuscitated by an agent and a prison staff nurse before being declared dead on July 3, and transferred to the intensive care unit of the Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center. rice field. The ICU is at least 10 minutes closer to the prison in Oregon.

The report allegedly involved the first weapon use, intimidation, fourth assault, and knife on December 21, 2020.

Records show that the decision to place Madison in a general unit was at least partially influenced by a standard interview process between prison agents and those convicted of crimes. ..

According to Clackamas County Sheriff, the classification process varies from case to case, but combines screening interviews, historical data, and current information to draw conclusions about the placement of newly convicted individuals within the facility. He was asked to comment on the specific process of the prison to screen Madison’s mental state and determine his final placement, but CCSO authorities were unable to respond immediately.

During the interview and screening process, Madison reportedly “denied suicidal ideation” or experienced ongoing mental health problems that could affect placement options in prison. I did. A problem a few hours ago when he intended to end his life.

Prison records show that during the months leading up to Madison’s arrest in June, he expressed suicidal ideation to police officers, indicated his intention to commit suicide, and episodes of schizophrenia and substance abuse. Showed that is continuing.

According to prison and family reports, Madison (known by the nickname Mele) was after his father, Jermel Madison Sr., was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and eventually died while his son was imprisoned. , Began to exacerbate mental health problems. member.

In the prison’s Intake Assessment Form, which the arrester fills out and submits to the prison when booking the prisoner, a June 20th Milwaukee PD officer said yes, whether the arrester verbally or indicated suicidal ideation. I answered. Madison was arrested after writing, “I said I wanted to die many times on June 20th.”

The DA report included a total of seven videos arrested on June 20 via a mobile phone because Milwaukee PD did not have a camera worn. In the video, Madison clearly stated that he intends to kill himself, threatening law enforcement agencies, including hurting and killing them, and himself while being handcuffed by police cars. Take action to hurt.

In similar cases, according to CCSO officials, such information is considered by agents in determining the placement of individuals who have demonstrated such behavior, taking into account individual answers to mental health screening questions. Will be done.

Questions marked “No” regarding Madison’s mental health status at the time of his arrest include:

Whether he was “demonstrating strange or unusual behavior” at the time, whether he had attempted suicide “in the last 6 months”, “currently suicidal ideation”, “mentally and physically” Or was there a “developmental disorder”? Prisons were “due to disability” and had current medical problems that “affected housing options.”

Concerns about potential oversights in the prison screening process were raised by demonstrators on September 11. Rally For justice after Madison’s death. The rally organizers wondered why young men did not receive a higher level of care.

“We want accountability and transparency from those who pay taxes, and those who are supposed to protect us,” protests the Clackamas County Group, which stands up for racial justice. While doing so, the woman who asked not to name her said. “We know that this system does not support young black people.”

DA: Jermelle Madison jailed in general unit despite schizophrenia Source link DA: Jermelle Madison jailed in general unit despite schizophrenia

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