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CINCINNATI FELICIA JORDAN —Desean Brown, accused of murdering 29-year-old Nyteisha Lattimore and flushing his son Nylo into the still-living Ohio River, was beaten by the boy’s father during a procedural hearing on Thursday. ..

During the hearing, Antonio Hughes jumped at Brown and repeatedly hit his head and neck before being pressed down by the police.

Court officials handcuffed Hughes and helped him at his feet, but he rushed to Brown again. It took four officers to hold down Hughes. Hughes was taken out of court by police.

Hughes was charged with contempt of court and ordered to serve for seven days at the Hamilton County Justice Center. He has not been charged with anything else.

See: Nylo Lattimore’s father attacks his son’s accused murderer in court

See: Father attacked his son’s accused murderer in court

At a hearing, Brown’s lawyer demanded that police abandon his confession prior to his trial on the day of his arrest. His lawyer claimed that Brown had exercised his lawyer’s rights, but a police officer who asked, “Do you feel you need a lawyer at this point?” Threatened.

Judge Megan Shanahan denied the allegations, saying he did not believe police had acted inappropriately against Brown during the cross-examination and that Brown’s rights were not violated.

Brown has been charged with two counts of murder and one count each for violent assault, terrible corpse abuse, and falsification of evidence. He has been accused of murdering his then-girlfriend, Nyteisha Lattimore. Put her 3-year-old son Nylo into the Ohio River While still alive in early December 2020.

Nairo’s body Never recovered..

Earlier this month, a Cincinnati police detective told the judge that Naiteisha was pregnant with Brown’s child but seemed to have a miscarriage.Detective believes Brown killed her and Nairo From retaliation for miscarriage..

If convicted, Brown faces the death penalty.

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WCPO Felicia Jordan first reported this story.

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